17 Jan

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January 17, 2013

Dearest Peyton,

Nothing could have prepared me for meeting your little face.  One week ago, I boarded a plane from San Diego to San Jose to meet you.  My heart was overwhelmed at the sight of you.  I instantly loved you so much that it hurt.  I wanted to write you a letter detailing the somewhat ordinary events that were your first few days outside of your Mama’s belly.  Your Great Grandma Sue did the same for me when I was born.  It’s a letter that I treasure to this day

Your Grammie Cathy called me at 7:30am on Wednesday, January 9, 2013.  I ignored her call because I was already at work.  I was in the middle of a conference call with gap intelligence’s office in Uzbekistan.  I figured your Grammie Cathy was calling me with some sort of baby shower request or question (two baby showers were scheduled in your honor 01.12.13 and 01.13.13).  Your Dad called me right after Grammie Cathy so I knew something important had happened.  I ran out of my meeting to take your Dad’s call.  Your Dad let me know that your Mom’s water broke and they were at the hospital.  Your Dad said that you were on your way and that it was rather convenient that I was already scheduled to fly to San Jose on, Thursday, January 10, 2013 for your baby showers.  I was a bit worried that you were a month early but you were coming and I was going to get to meet you.  I could hardly contain my excitement.

I immediately called your Grammie Cathy and Abuelita Cynthia to discuss canceling your baby showers.  We agreed we would reschedule them for a later date, with you, Peyton, in attendance of course.  I spent the rest of the day at work taking breaks here and there to text with your Dad and Mom.  I had many phone calls with all of your Grandparents.  We all were waiting not so patiently for your arrival.  You would be surprised to know that your Mom texted quite a bit while she was in labor.  I was shocked every time a message came through.  She told me she sent them in between contractions.  Your Mom is a champ.

Around 9pm in the evening your Dad texted me that they were taking your Mom in to surgery to deliver you via c-section.  I knew you would be delivered shortly so I sat on my couch in San Diego waiting for the news.  At 9:43pm your Papa Gary sent me a text with a heart stopping picture.  It was your Dad, holding you, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  Tears immediately streamed down my face.  You were the most amazing human being I had ever laid eyes on.  I loved you instantly, my precious nephew.

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I texted your Dad and Mom immediately congratulating them on the birth of their son.  Your Dad texted back to let me know that the reason you took so long was because your umbilical cord was wrapped around your leg twice.  Later the doctor told your Mom that if you had gone full term this issue could have been serious for both your health and hers.  Everything happens for a reason.  Perhaps your guardian angels saw this and decided to make a move to protect you and your Mom (at least that is what I like to think).

I arrived in San Jose around 8pm on Thursday, January 10, 2013.  Your Papa Gary and Grammie Cathy took me straight to O’Connor hospital to meet you.  To say it was a happy moment would be an understatement.  I was so happy, my heart could burst.  Your Mom was tired but glowing.  I have never seen my Brother, your Dad, so proud.  Your Dad kept calling you his “handsome little man”.  He kept saying, rather loudly, “Hey buuuuuddy, it’s your Dad”.  Your Grandparents were overjoyed.  We all took turns holding all 5lbs 13oz of you in our arms.  It was just incredible to meet you.  I told you, “I’m your Auntie Erin and I will always have candy in my purse for you”.

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Grammie Cathy and I kept you and your Mom company most of the day on Friday, January 11, 2012, at the hospital while your Dad ran errands preparing the house for you.  Your butler, Jeffery (AKA Uncle Aaric), helped your Dad pull off all of the tags that were on your baby clothes.  They then washed all of your clothes in a laundry detergent called Dreft that your Dad was convinced was a total scam due to the high cost of it.  Your Great Uncle Steve and Great Auntie Shay Shay came to the hospital to meet you.  Your Great Auntie Shay Shay made the most amazing blankets for you.  Around 6pm I headed to your Grandpa John and Abuelita Cynthia’s for dinner.  Your Great Grandma Connie had traveled five hours by train and bus to meet you.  We all had dinner together and toasted your birth.  Your Grandpa John sat us all down to watch the movie he made of meeting you for the first time.  It was awesome though it did give me motion sickness.  Your Grandpa John does not know how to hold a camera steady.  I guess he was just too excited to me his Grandson.

On Saturday, January 12, 2013, you had a busy day full of appointments.  You had a photo shoot in the morning with the hospital photographer.  You and your Mom also had doctors’ appointments.  The doctor cleared you to go home but not until 8pm.  Around 5pm your Dad texted me that he had been throwing up all day and he wanted me to bring him a smoothie.  I was immediately concerned because a lot of people had the flu recently and it had even been on the news.  The nurses that were on staff to take care of you ended up taking your Dad down to the ER because they were so concerned about his sudden turn.  After a bit of a wait, the doctors confirmed that though he did not have the flu, they still did not want him around you for four days just to be safe.  Your Mom still wanted to go home very badly even if it meant she would have to do it without your Dad.  I told her that I would go home with her to help in your Dad’s place.  Your Dad was super duper bummed that he wasn’t going to get to take you home for your first night as a family in your house.  I assured him I would do my best as a stand in.

As we left the hospital I made sure to snap lots of pictures so your Dad would be able to see what he missed.  Your Mom was so calm and sweet with you.  Papa Gary and your Mom helped put you in your car seat.  You cried.  It was not your favorite activity as they tried to maneuver you into your seat.  We all found it quite hilarious that Jeffery and your Dad practiced strapping you in with a stuffed animal as your stunt double.  As we took you outside for the first time your cried instantly; probably because it was so cold.  Your Mom secured you in your car seat base and I prepared for the scariest drive of my life.  I am a speed demon behind the wheel normally but you, Peyton, were the most precious cargo I have ever had in a car.  I drove like a little old lady the whole way home.  I never got out of the slow lane.

When we got to your house, your Mom and I realized that we didn’t have a key to get into the condo because Jeffery had it.  After driving around the park in circles for ten minutes we finally realized that we had the key the whole time; it was in one of the cup holders.  We laughed about that for a second.  Once we parked the car, your Mom did not feel like trying to figure out how to unlatch the car seat so she took you out of it to carry you upstairs.  As we walked into your home I was so sad that your Dad wasn’t there for this major moment.

The night of Saturday, January 12, 2013, you were up every two to three hours for feeding, burping, and diaper changes.  I helped your Mom as much as I could.  I rocked you from the hours of 1:30am-4:30am because I wanted you to sleep so your Mom could get some rest.  I held you in my arms and rocked you in your Dad’s Barcalounger.  Jeffery was sleeping on the couch and he brought me blankets and pillows so I could keep you comfortable.  He even wrapped his sweatshirt around my feet when they got cold.  I was already mesmerized by you, but those three hours really did me in.

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On Sunday, January 13, 2012, your Grandpa John, Abuelita Cynthia, Great Grandma Connie, Great Uncle Steve, and Great Auntie Shay Shay came over to help.  Your Great Grandma Connie was over the moon to meet you.  You slept most of the day.  Your Mom quickly realized that your schedule was party all night, sleep all day.  Your Mom and Dad’s good friend, Kristen, who is also a baby nurse, popped by to help for a bit and to answer some questions for your Mom.  She came with a bag full of goodies and we jokingly called her Merry Poppins.  Your Mom and I were both so tired we never changed out of our PJs.  We did not have the energy to be fancy; even if there was company.  Everyone left around 8pm.  Your Mom and I prepared for the beginning of your day, which began around 11pm unfortunately for us.

You partied all night once again.  Your Mom was incredible with you.  It was so amazing to watch her be your Mom.  I helped where I could.  The feeding was all your Mom.  I would jump in when she needed me.  You really liked looking at lights.  You would be crying very loudly and if we took you over to where you could see a light you would calm instantly.  We learned pretty quickly that you were your most upset when you needed a diaper change.  When we would change you, you would kick your legs and move your arms wildly.  Despite being so tiny you were very strong.  You could lift your neck already and I was quite impressed with that. You already had such an intense bond with your Mom.  She could soothe you so sweetly just by holding your face right up to (4)photo (3)

On Monday, January 14, 2013, I woke up dreading that I was leaving.  I was scheduled to head back to San Diego at 5:40pm.  I teared up just thinking about it.    As I packed up the giant bag of clothes I brought, which I did not wear (like I said, I wore PJs most of the trip) my heart hurt because I didn’t want to leave you.  I stared at you most of the day and took a million more pictures.  I had a good cry with your Mom and I thanked her for allowing me to help.  It was so special to be a witness to your life at the earliest stages and especially because I live so far away from you.


I held you until right before I left.  I told you that I loved you.  I also told you that I would take you to the zoo someday.  You Grandpa John laughed at me as I cried while I gathered up my stuff.  He assured me that I would see you again soon.  Your Abuelita Cynthia handed me a travel sized packet of tissues for the flight home.  I cried the whole way.  I felt sorry for the poor girl sitting next to me on the flight.  She totally thought I was crazy.

And I am crazy, about my nephew!  I love you, Peyton Ryan.  I am honored to be your Auntie.  If you ever need anything I am here for you, lil’ Man.  I have so many hopes for you but most of all that you will understand how loved you are, sweet boy.


Auntie Erin


2 Responses to “Peyton”

  1. Great-Grandmother Sue January 18, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

    Dear Erin,
    What a wonderful story of your bonding with Peyton Ryan! I can imagine the strong emotional feelings you had and from your descriptions, I was able to be there with you at least in spirit.
    Since I can’t be there to see Peyton in person and hold him like I so want to do, I really look forward to daily reports and pictures from Grandpa John and Grandma Cynthia. When I go to town, I take his picture with me to show him to anyone who will stand still. I look at his pictures all through the day and hold and kiss them just like he’s here. I talk to him a lot too. I keep his pictures beside Grandpa Sonny’s

  2. Great-Grandmother Sue January 18, 2013 at 4:54 pm #

    I don’t know if my comment will be posted or not. I hope so.
    Great-Grandmother Sue

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