“Be in love with your life…”

21 Feb

20121228 015

So, here I am.  Typing away.  Candles lit.  My favorite playlist playing.  The last two weeks have been full of ups and downs, but overall pretty awesome for the most part.  My journal is going great.  I have persevered, even when writing one sentence seems like sooooooo much work as I crawl into bed at the end of my day.

I had the most amazing time in San Jose with my nephew, Peyton Ryan.  His belated shower was a huge success.  Peyton has given me and my entire family brand new eyes.  Everything just seems so much sweeter with him in the room.  Even his little new born cry makes us melt.  It was great to visit with family and friends.  It was quite hilarious to see all of my brother’s rowdy friends, AKA the 10th Street Mafia, all be running Daddy Daycares.  My brother and I used to be known for throwing legendary parties when my parents left town.  Those parties have changed to kids running around every where.  As I watched the kids play, where debauchery used to ensue, we all laughed about how times have changed.  My brother is all about being a Dad.  It’s an out of body experience to watch him love his son, my nephew, oh so much.

20130209 150

It was great to spend time with my Mom & my Step-Dad.  They are loving their new roles as Grammie & Papa.  I know they will be the best Grandparents for so many reasons.  Kind of random but I just love it, so but I took a picture of the art that has been in my childhood bathroom my entire life.  It’s such a simple message, but still so powerful.  As Peyton’s deep dark Cambodian tan develops we may have to color one of those faces in a bit darker.  He is our Tan li’ Man and he’s the light of my life.

photo (22)

Savann, my Sesssssster-in-law, had a small get together at her house while I was in town.  It was so nice to meet her friends.  I took the reins on baby duty while Savann enjoyed some much deserved girl time.  Savann is such a relaxed Mom.  I find her parenting methods inspiring.  She is not concerned with noise levels.  She does not fuss or worry.  My brain in its natural form is going a bazillion miles a minute and in twenty different directions.  Observing her, in a constant state of zen is so amazing to me.  I hope someday when I become a parent, I can be as calm of a parent as Savann is.  She is just the best Mommy ever.

I was sad as I returned home.  I did not cry the entire flight home this time.  I will admit though, was a little choked up.

This past weekend is the most fun I have had that is not Peyton centered in quite some time.  I had the dearest of friends in town from LA and D.C.  When my friends and I get together, we laugh…a lot.  So much so, that my stomach hurts.  Besides the free ab workout, we had an amazing dinner followed by an amazing brunch the following morning that somehow ended up lasting for 9 hours.  Leave it to my friends to turn a meal into a marathon.  Time flies when you are having fun.  I am so blessed to have the most amazing friendships in my life.  They nourish my soul in a way that nothing else can.  This pic is for Chow, Smalls, Pedro, Jez, & Joey for the laughter last weekend…


My recent health kick is in full swing although my weekend of fun fun fun did not adhere to health and wellness.  I have jumped right back on the horse though as of this past Monday though so I am going to pat myself on the back now.  There is a running joke in my circle that when you are your most hot version of yourself, you are a unicorn.  The problem with being a unicorn is that you never know you are one because it’s always in hindsight.  Let’s be real, most girls look in the mirror and see a warped view back at them.  I’m not going to lose my mind or do anything unhealthy to get back in shape.  I just want to feel good and be healthy.  I’m an emotional eater so as long as I can steer clear of eating ice cream when I am sad OR happy, I’ll be fine.  If I make smart choices and continue to be consistent, perhaps I can be a unicorn again…I probably won’t know it though.  Haaaa!


On another note, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the journey that has happened with my hair.  About a year and a half ago, to my horror, I noticed while looking at pictures from a work event how unhealthy my hair was.  I was already feeling like it was this disgusting version of limp straw to begin with.  That picture really did me in though.  I made an appointment to cut my hair super short the following weekend and I made a commitment to stop dying my hair.  I wanted to grow it out so it was all my natural hair color.  I was such a challenge not caving half way through and dying it (ESP when it was half orange).  I’m happy to say that my hair has never looked better.  It is so much healthier.  Recently I just noticed a major difference with it.  No one feels good on a bad hair day.  My goal now is to just do micro trims and grow it out again.  I prefer long hair.  I miss being able to put my hair in a pony tail.  I wear a lot of hats when I’m feeling lazy because it’s my only option.  Someday, my dream of an up-do will come true.

photo (21)

This coming weekend I am heading to my friends in LA on Saturday.  I am super excited about it and I expect my abs to get a good work out in for sure. I have a date night planned with my love on Sunday.  We are going to check out Polite Provisions in Normal Heights.  It’s a new bar we have been eager to explore.  Next weekend my company is closing its doors on Friday, March 1st, to celebrate gap intelligence’s 10th Birthday.  Our CEO is throwing a major party in the evening at the Prado.  The Prado is a beautiful restaurant in the center of Balboa Park.  I know that is going to be a party for the record books; gap always brings the house down.  I just think it’s the coolest thing ever that our CEO decided to close our doors for the day to celebrate such a major milestone.  On Sunday, March 3rd, I managed to secure four seats at the legendary underground supper club, Cellar Door.  It’s going to be a hectic but fabulous couple of weeks.

Hope you all have fun plans in your future too!  Thanks for taking the time to read!



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