Welcome to the World, Baby Myles ~ 03.19.13

20 Mar

photo (2)

I was reminded Tuesday night how incredible life is.  My dear friend, Ro, gave birth to one handsome little fella, Baby Myles, at 9:30pm!  This moment was incredibly special for so many reasons.  Babies are a blessing and a true miracle.  Weighing in at 8lbs 8oz, 21 inches long, he is perfect in every way.  He was brought into this world by his badass Mama via natural child birth (very rare these days).  Ro, you are my HERO!  Congrats on the birth of your perfect son.  Here’s a note for your little Man…

Welcome to the world, Baby Myles. 

You were loved before we ever knew your name. 

You have the most amazing parents who will support you through all of life’s peaks & valleys. 

Auntie Vogel, Auntie Smalls, & Auntie Chow will always have candy in their purses for you, little dude.

As I went to bed on March 19, 2013 figuring out the happiest part of my day for my journal was easy peasy. 

Hooray for you, Baby Myles.  Life is beautiful.

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