The Mellon’s Engagement Poem ~ 05.19.13

21 May

photo (4)

Chicago is where we lay our scene

A magical place with a great big bean


Pedro asked, Smalls said YES

Their wedding certainly will be the BEST


A time for laughter, family, & love

Perhaps they will even release some doves


A weddings a time for smiles and cheer

I suspect Pedro’s mates with toast him with beers


Friends will come from near and far

To see Smalls as a bride, she’ll be a star


So take a moment to wish them well

They adore each other, its easy to tell


Their future is so big and bright

Smalls, no more deep dish pizza (we don’t want your wedding dress too tight)


A wedding is on the horizon you see

It’s a place to make the MOST special memories

photo (5)


Congratulations, Smalls & Pedro! Β 

Love you both oh so much!




2 Responses to “The Mellon’s Engagement Poem ~ 05.19.13”

  1. G/ma Sue June 6, 2013 at 3:51 pm #

    Good one, Erin. Very creative !!!!!

    Am just now getting to emails. Been too tired to check them. Sure do miss Peyton and the rest of my California family. Thanks again to you and Mike for coming to see me and get in some vacation time too.

    G’ma Sue


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    […] proposed to Smalls in Chicago. It was a total surprise. When he asked her to marry him she was so shocked she blacked out. Pedro […]

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