12 Jul

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Life is complicated.  Very complicated indeed.  Not every day is going to be a cup of tea and that’s okay.  My journal only contains the smiles though.  I leave out the frowns.  I had someone recently make a comment that they thought my life was perfect.  I assured them that it was far from it.  Yes, I am incredibly blessed, however, everyone has their struggles.  I just choose to keep mine a bit more private (and I certainly am not going to blog about them).  I have said it before and I will say it again: My Happiness Project is about the Yummy Stuff.  So, here it goes…

Summer Time

I love Summer.  Its my favorite time of year.  The long days and warm weather makes my heart happy.  Its appropriate that I call San Diego home.  San Diego is such a gorgeous place to make a life.  It really sings to my soul in the Summer time though.  Someone with heliophilia has the desire to stay in the sun and a love of sunlight.  I love nothing more than soaking up some rays on a sunshiny day.  I have a Summer resolution to go to every beach in San Diego this year.  Typically I go to Coronado when I want to sneak in a beach day.  This year I am going to branch out and try a few new sandy spots.  Expect more details on my SD beach adventures soon…




Amigo Booth

Since we last touched base I had the pleasure of attending not one but two super fab parties.  I went to the grand opening of Pigment in North Park.  I also attended the Java Tea Co launch party.  Both were oh so much fun!  It was great to laugh and connect with my friends.  It was even more great to support San Diego’s local small business community.  You can’t help but feel inspired by the awesomeness around you.  To my delight completely randomly, both of these parties had the worlds most AHHHHHHHHHHMAZING photo booth, Amigo Booth.  Amigo Booth is a photo booth redefined.  Without going into too many details, its a free standing photo booth that links to an phone app as opposed to the strips you see at your standard photo booth.  We were masters at the Amigo Booth by the end of the weekend and we got a bazillion fun pics.  There was a social media challenge at the Java Tea Co event and lets just say that I more than smashed the competition.  Congrats to both Pigment and Java Tea Co on your success!  Thank you for allowing me to toast your badassness!






Summer Solstice

With my girlfriend’s 30th just around the corner, her friends and I decided that we should mark this event with a dinner on the patio at Buona Forchetta in South Park.  It just so happened that the evening we chose to dine was also the Summer Solstice.  It was the perfect Summer night to dine alfresco.  We made our time together count by dinning on multiple courses over four hours.  I added some special touches by decorating the table.  I even provided my new favorite birthday surprise, sparklers (you can find them at Pigment in North Park).  We had a lovely night feting Miss KT.






Mr. Thirty-One-Derful

The love of my life, Mike, turned 31 earlier this month.  I am very decisive when it comes to my birthday festivities.  Typically I plan my birthday months in advanced.  That really isn’t Mike’s style.  It was like pulling teeth trying to get him to pick an event to mark his special day.  After many different options he finally landed on a day of Birthday Biking to the Del Mar Fair in Solana Beach.  No, we did not ride our bikes all the way to North County (we are not Lance Armstrong).  We rode our bikes to the train downtown to cut down on the exercise.  If you live downtown its totally the way to rumble.  It was super easy to do.  Between the biking, coasting on the train, fair rides, and eating fried food, he had a great Birthday.  My gift to him for his 31 years on this earth were legit cornhole boards from San Diego’s Bag Toss.  He was surprised and pumped to have his very own lawn game magic.  A special day for a special guy.  He’s so good to me he deserves to be spoiled on his Birthday.

Side Bar: Mike was super pumped that our friend’s baby decided to come into this world on his birthday!  They are birthday buddies!  SOOOO FUN!  Huge congrats to the Slams and Nic!  The handsome little guy is perfect in every way.  Hooray for Baby Lafe Jaxson!





Happy Campers

We took a road trip to Lake Tahoe for the 4th of July.  It was a lot of driving but luckily we had the Game of Thrones on tape as well as baseball games to listen to.  That helped pass the time on the 10 hour drive.  We stayed at the sweetest camp ground I have ever been to in my life.  You can only get to it by boat or by hiking in.  The campground was right on Emerald Bay.  We had a private little beach right next to the main campsite.  Mike’s Brother and Sister-in-law organized the entire trip.  They had friends in town from all over California (our SF Besties Marcadie even joined in).  We had 8 campsites all clustered together.  Everyone knows that I have never been much of a camper.  This trip has completely changed my opinion of camping though.  Between the gorgeous setting, amazing company, and beautiful Lake Tahoe weather, it was beyond EPIC.  Our trip had a dual purpose for both the 4th of July and a very special Birthday.  Our darling little niece, Riley, turned one years old on July 5th.  She is just the cutest and it was so fun watching her smash cupcakes all over her face.  Since returning to the real world, I have been getting compliments on my killer tan nonstop.  Can’t wait to go back.  I love Lake Tahoe.







Straight But Not Narrow

So this weekend my friends and I will be partaking in PRIDE festivities.  We live right on the boarder of Hillcrest and North Park.  For those that are not familiar with San Diego, Hillcrest is the Gayborhood of San Diego similar to Castro Street in San Francisco.  I just love where we live so much.  If you go right you are in hipsterville; head left and you are surrounded by rainbows.  The Gay Pride Parade goes right down University which is only a few blocks from our house.  I’m thrilled to dance in the streets and celebrate.  I firmly believe that love is love and that all human beings are created equal.



Summer Bucketlist

This Summer I want to try to slow down a bit and just chill.  My besite’s Mum, Mrs. B., is coming to town all the way from Australia to get started on The Smellon’s Wedding planning next weekend.  I am looking forward to spending some time catching up with her.  I also am looking forward to meeting Pedro’s family next month.  They will be visiting all the way from the UK.  Surprisingly other than that, I don’t have any other trips or grand adventures on my schedule as of right now.  I’m hoping to just take advantage of Summer time in SD.  My friends and I decided that we are going to come up with a Summer Bucketlist.  I don’t want to waste a second of my mostest favorite time of the year.

Hope you are finding happiness in your life.  Thank you for reading.





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  1. Connie Centeno Quigley July 13, 2013 at 8:34 am #

    Enjoy reading your blogs. Have a great summer. Love you. Grandma Q.

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