31 Oct


October can be summed up in one word: Yoga.

gap intelligence started an office wellness yoga challenge on October 3rd .  By the end of today, October 31st, I will have attended 50 classes this month.  I am obsessed.  Yoga makes my heart happy.

The winner of the yoga challenge gets a free one month membership to YogaSix.  I think I have a pretty good chance of winning it (just a bit).  I was skeptical when I attended my first hot yoga class.  I hate saunas so as excepted I did not enjoy my first outing.  I decided to give it another chance though.  After my second class I was hooked.  My balance and flexibility have made huge improvements over the month.  It calms my nerves and silences the crazy thoughts in my head.  I plan on incorporating hot yoga into my exercise routine moving forward.

20131031 003

20131031 004

Mike and I woke up early one morning to watch the sunrise over San Diego at Mt. Soledad.  It was pretty cool.  Mike is not an early riser and it was his idea to my shock.  I’m glad we took some time to enjoy an early morning date.  As we watched the sun come up, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

20131031 006

20131031 005

20131031 001

I received the most exciting mail from my best friend.  It’s crazy to be planning for something that is so far away.  I can hardly wait for August 6th, 2014.  This wedding is going to be epic and I am so thrilled to be a part of it.  The Smellon Wedding anticipation is so exciting I could burst.  It energizes me when I think about all the fun ahead next Summer.

20131031 007

I just finished a really good book that my Grandma Sue recommended to me.  If you haven’t read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn you definitely should.  The reason my Grandma recommended it is because they are filming the movie adaptation where she lives in Cape Girardeau, Missouri (Ben Affleck is the star).  She sends me movie updates via email and I must say I do get a kick out of them.  They are usually pretty funny.  If you are a fan of Dateline you will love the book.  It’s a thriller.  I look forward to watching to movie when it finally comes out.  It will be cool to recognize the town it’s filmed in.  Like Anchorman in San Diego but in Missouri.  My Grandma sent two autographed copies of her cook book, Cookin’ & Talkin’, to Ben and the director of the movie with her friend that is an extra.  Naturally, I’m sure they are cooking up a storm with her recipes.


I had the pleasure of attending the 1st Annual Quigley Cup Golf Tournament in Santa Maria this month.  I also squeezed in a quick trip to Santa Barbara since it was on the way.  After a lovely visit with Diamond Dee power walking through the streets of Santa Barbara I was delighted to also get to spend time with my favorite celebrity couple, Markadie.  Mark and Sadie live in San Francisco and they were in SB to go camping.  We had a short but awesome leisurely catch up session sitting on the bar stools in the kitchen.  Surprise fun is the best kind sometimes.



After my Santa Barbara fun I headed to my Grandma and Grandpa Q’s in Santa Maria.  I enjoyed an endless flow of wine and lots of family time.  My Dad and Grandpa Fred took me to me to Presqu’ile for wine tasting.  It was one of the nicest wineries I have ever been too.  It was stunning (and the wine was fab).  The weekend’s festivities also included seeing my Dad’s band play, hanging at the Santa Maria Country Club, and watching the Red Sox beat the Tigers with my Grandma Connie.  My Grandparents were given the honor of having a golf tournament named after them because they have been members of “The Club” since 1968.  They are Santa Maria Country Club royalty as far as I am concerned.  I was happy to see my Grandpa Fred honored.  He got me an official Quigley Cup hat.  That was the cherry on the Sunday of a pretty perfect trip.








Reasons to toast seem to just keep on coming for my bestie, Smalls, and her fiancé, Pedro.  After jumping through a few hoops, they finally got the keys to their very own house.  They are officially living the ‘Merican Dream.  They are the proud first time home owners of a charming craftsman cottage that is steps away from all of the hippest restaurants and shops in Normal Heights.  I look forward to many fun nights in their new home.  Let the memory making begin!  We have already made a few and they have only been there a few weeks.  The neighbors will hate us soon enough (Happy Birthday to Chow! xoxo).



This past weekend Mike and I both won first place at the 1st Annual Random Halloween Chili & Cornbread Cook Off.  Our neighbors, Jill and Matt, were the gracious hosts.  Our commute was easy since the party was held in our back yard.  We made quite the mess in the kitchen with both of us cooking at the same time.  Mike took first place for his Chipotle Chili with Lime Crema Avocado Salsa.  I took first for my Buttermilk Cheddar Bacon Cornbread with Chive Honey Butter.  There was so much food, no one left hungry.  It was a really fun night.



That’s it for October.  November is shaping up to be a busy busy month.  Friday is a big day for Mike and me.  It’s our 8 year anniversary.  You can expect another blog coming off the press sooner than later.

Stay happy, my friends…


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