365 Sentences

31 Dec

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Tonight I will write one sentence.  It will be my 365th sentence for 2013.  In my 31 years on this earth I have never set a goal and seen it through for an entire year.  New Year’s resolutions are fleeting.  They come with a great intensity and fade to a low mummer at some point.  My Happiness Project began because I saw a need to fix my head on my own.  No therapists.  No outside help.  I wanted to look within and pull myself out of the constant funk I was in.  There has been a misconception about me.  I realized this at a dear friend’s party last weekend.  Contrary to popular belief, I am not a naturally happy-go-lucky person.  This project would be completely pointless if I was.  2012 was one of the MOST challenging years of my life.  I set a goal to focus on what made me feel blessed as opposed to stressed in 2013.  It worked.  It really did.  I am seeing the rainbows as opposed to the rain now.  Who would have thought a journal was all it would take.  One sentence.  One positive thought.  One minute of my day.  That’s all it took to change my life.

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This past year was full of highs and lows.  This blog is about the peaks though.  Here are my top 10 for the year.

10 ~ Values-Led

It is rare to work for a company that you love.  I am lucky to say I do.  gap intelligence believes in “Culture First”.  I am proud to call myself a “gapper” and to be a part of something great.  There are so many reasons why I love gap but a major one for this year is all the work we did with the Emilio Nares Foundation.  Helping raise over $10k to keep their many programs afloat was one of my prouder moments of 2013.  It was a ton of work but completely worth it.

9 ~ The Happiness of Others

I take great joy in celebrating the happy moments of those I love.  There have been so many this year that I could easily make a top ten just out of other’s BIG news.  I have toasted numerous engagements, first time home ownership, birthdays, new jobs, and babies making their grand entrances into this great big world.  I’m looking forward to many weddings in 2014 because we all know that is the aftermath of diamonds making their way onto ring fingers.  I raise my glass to all of you.  CHEERS and CONGRATS!  Life is grand.  Seeing you smile makes me smile just as bright.

8 ~ Long Time Forever Friends

I deeply value my friendships.  I have reached a point in my adult life where it has become apparent that certain friendships have gone the distance and then some.  These friendships have elevated to a point that I am in awe of.  You know who you are.  We have been friends for years.  We start our sentences with “Remember when…” and then laugh until we cry.  It has become so clear to me how friends are the family that you choose.  While my actual family is incredible, I enjoy my chosen family just as much.

7 ~ Travels

I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying many travels this year.  Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, Paso Robles and San Francisco have been a few of my favorites.  They say having something to look forward to is one of the keys to happiness.  Having mini vacations on the horizon throughout the year has proven that to be true.  Traveling is a privilege and I feel blessed to have the means to do so.

6 ~ Home

There is no place like home.  The life Hartman and I have created in San Diego is truly special.  After wavering back and forth about if we want to make San Diego our home permanently we have decided for now that we are staying put.  We love living so close to the beauty of the ocean.  San Diego has so much to offer on any given day.  Often times though our little Tree House is the only place we want to be.  Our home is our sanctuary.  This past Summer I made a goal to explore places in San Diego that we had never been before.  What started as a summer bucket list turned into a huge eye opener.  It’s easy to take for granted where you live.  It’s harder to push yourself out of your comfort zone and get yourself out of your standard routine.  Doing so this summer enriched our lives immensely.

5 ~ Namaste

I found a deep love for yoga this year.  After many moons of fighting even trying hot yoga I was shocked to learn that I absolutely love it.  The meditation of yoga calms my mind in a way nothing else can.  I find myself feeling antsy when I can’t make it to my mat.  My office is steps from the studio I have fallen in love with.  I am so lucky that I can enjoy Yoga every day and it’s so convenient.

4 ~ Gemma

On New Year’s Eve of last year my best friend’s dog, Gemma, went missing after her leash broke.  After wall papering all of downtown with fliers she was returned back to us by a homeless man that found her.  To say this was a happy moment would be an understatement.  We all cried tears of joy.  Every time I look at Gemma I am so grateful that we found her.  I would have never stopped worrying about her whereabouts if we didn’t.

3 ~ Tributes

The two most powerful blogs I wrote this year had nothing to do with me.  These blogs were tributes to two beautiful souls that left the world too soon.   While I would give anything to not have ever had a reason to write those blogs it made me feel better to help in some small way.  Keeping the memory of those you love alive is the most powerful thing you can do when you lose someone.  I carry the memory of Sarah Faye Hurth with me every day.  The short but powerful life of Mallory Rae Dies awakened something within me.  I felt helpless when I lost Sarah.  Being able to help those that lost Mallory in some way felt like a way to honor Sarah’s memory too.  I am a firm believer that you can still be a good friend to those you’ve lost long after they are gone.  Writing about Mallory and having her reach go further than I ever could imagine blew my mind.  Her legacy will live on in such a powerful positive light.  I like to think that they both are looking down on the world from heaven and they are happy with what they have left behind.  Spread love.  It’s the most important thing you will ever do.

2 ~ Peyton Ryan

My grandest happy moment of 2013 is the easiest one to identify beyond a shadow of a doubt.  My perfect nephew, Peyton Ryan, was born on January 9th and life has never been the same.  He is the light of my life and I adore being his Auntie so much.  Over Christmas I was astounded by how much he has changed over the last 11 months.  At one point during our visit he looked at me from across the room, smiled at me from ear to ear, and then waved at me.  That moment will forever be burned into my memory.  I just love him so much.  When I look at him I feel like my heart is going to burst.

1 ~ My Journal

While I was packing my suitcase for my recent trip to Northern California for Christmas I threw my journal into my suitcase.  As I packed I realized that I was not keeping my number one rule for packing in mind:

Never pack something in a suitcase you are checking that you couldn’t replace if you lost it.

I quickly moved my journal to my carry on because there is no way I could ever recreate the last year of journal entries even if I tried should my luggage be lost by the airline.  I am so proud of my journal and that I saw this goal through the first year.  I know I have 4 more years to go but the fact that I didn’t lose steam is pretty amazing.  The reason my journal is numero uno is because without it none of this would have been possible to begin with.  All of the major moments of 2013 would never have been documented to look back on.  My journal is priceless at this point.  It will only continue to become more valuable as the years go on.

So that’s it for 2013.  I hope as you look back on your year, you enjoy reliving your happy moments just as much as I have.  Thank you for reading.  It means so much.

I would like to wish you much happiness in 2014.  xoxo ~ Vogel

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“Encourage, lift, and strengthen one another.

For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all.”

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One Response to “365 Sentences”

  1. Connie Centeno Quigley January 2, 2014 at 12:09 pm #

    Dear Erin, I always enjoy reading your blogs. I know that I will continue to enjoy them in 2014. Love you – Grandma Q.

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