Let EVERYONE ELSE eat cake

31 Jan


One of my favorite yoga instructors, Steph, opened class with setting an intention for our practice.  She asked us to think of a time where we felt pure unabashed joy.  She said that joy was different than happiness because joy comes from within you where happiness comes from outside circumstance.  With happiness being something I focus on in my life, this intro resonated with me deeply.  There are a few moments in my life that I would say are the top joyful moments in my 31 years on earth thus far.  If you have been following my blog for some time you may notice that I have a tendency to over share and I am pretty much an open book.  Some things are meant to be private though so I am only going to hit you with two…

November 20, 2005

Santa Barbara is where we lay our scene.   Mike and I had been officially dating for exactly 20 days.  Our courtship had been intense.  We were attached at the hip.  November 20th was a Sunday, and Mike and I exchanged “I love yous”.  It was a major moment to feel so passionately about someone and have that exact feeling mirrored right back.  That moment is so precious to me; a lazy Sunday at his bachelor pad on the mesa overlooking the ocean.  It was a special moment in the journey called life we have partnered up in together.

January 9, 2013

My new year’s resolution for 2013 was to live a peaceful life.  My goal was to remain in a state of zen even during not so zen times.  January tested me right out the gates.  My nephew, Peyton Ryan, decided to make his grand entrance into this world a full month early.  This of course brought with it some stress.  I must say though when I met Master P my head sort of exploded.  I’m not a big baby person.  If you give me a baby and a puppy, I’ll pick the puppy most of the time.  Something about that lil’ guy flipped a switch with me.  He weighed 5lbs and 13oz when he was born.  I still look at the 5lb weights at the gym and laugh at the thought that he was that tini tiny when I met him.  He is the youngest person I have ever met; only 24hours old when I held him in my arms.  Being his Auntie is one of my favorite things.  He is just the best thing that has ever happened to my family, hands down.  It occurred to me as I spent his 1st birthday weekend with him that I could potentially be at all his birthdays’ until he’s too cool for school and no longer wants a party with his crazy Aunt around.

I challenge you to think of those moments that make your heart well up with joy.  What comes to your mind?  Do the people that share those moments with you know how they impacted your life?  If they don’t, stop reading right now and tell them.  Life is short.  Don’t leave things left unsaid.



The holidays were great.  My company, gap intelligence, completely shuts down over the holidays because our CEO and VP believe that time with our families is so important.  I got to soak up a lot of Auntie time with my nephew.  He’s crawling like a little mad man.  He spots you across the room and seeks you out like a missile.  He gets right to your feet then uses your legs to pull himself up and reach for you.  It doesn’t matter who he does this to, when he chooses you, you stop whatever you are doing and pick all 24 lbs of him up immediately.  He was not that into presents despite his Grandparents spoiling him the way Grandparents do.  He was more into the wrapping paper and crawling away from the moment you thought was going to be a big deal.





A quick overnight trip to San Francisco was in order to toast our Long Time Forever Friend’s 30th Birthday.  After years of friendship we were thrilled that we were able to sneak up to the city to celebrate with Marco Polo and his family who all flew up from Santa Barbara for this very big birthday.  We had an epic day doing super touristy things.  Ride or Die will forever be our mantra moving forward.





My New Year’s Eve was spent doing Yoga, eating fancy cheese, drinking good wine, and watching one of my favorite movies.  Mike had to work at the restaurant; New Years is a big night for them.  He did make it home in time for a New Year’s kiss to my delight.

New Year’s Day Mike and I woke up before sunrise to hike Torrey Pines.  Despite it being freezing cold due to the wind chill it was awesome.  As soon as we got up the hill a bit we were blocked from the wind enough to warm up.  It was super cool watching the first sunrise of 2014.  I told Mike that if the stars align just so I’d like to watch the sunset on December 31, 2014 too.  I think it would be a neat tradition to start.  We shall see if we can make this happen.


Even though we had just been with my family over Christmas, we hopped back on a plane two weeks later to celebrate Peyton’s first birthday.  I didn’t cry when I left him (like I normally do) because I knew I was going to see him two weeks later.  If there was going to be a theme for his 1st Birthday it would have been, “Let EVERYONE ELSE eat cake”.  Marie Antoinette would not have been too happy.  I kept waiting for him to dive in at one of his two parties but he refused.  I will tease him about that forever.  Any time with my family is time to cherish.  I loved seeing them back to back like that.





My January schedule has been pushing me to the limit.  I’m transitioning out of the role I have worked in for the last two years to take on exciting new projects.  The control freak within me fears the unknown.  I want to learn everything all at once and become an instant expert.  I know that is totally unrealistic and I need to check myself.  I struggle with that.  Patience is not my strength.  I thank my lucky stars for my work besties.  You gals make my life bearable with your constant support and free therapy.

Planning for one of my passion projects is in full swing right now.  I’m on the charity committee at my work.  We are in the 4 month stretch before our golf tournament to benefit the Emilio Nares Foundation, Drives for Rides.  It’s a lot of work but well worth it.  I’m a little more confident asking for donations since we were so successful last year.


My New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to stop swearing.  For every full day I don’t swear I set aside a $1 towards new Lululemons.  So far I have earned $7.  It’s been a challenging month and swearing has always been a vice of mine.

The icing on the cake for January was I got to enjoy some much needed girl time with my high school bestie and my college bestie.  I love you gals.  Time with you recharges my soul like nothing else can.

Final thought for January, I want to say thank you to Elizabeth Ireland.  You know what you did and I can never thank you enough.  I asked you for a favor and you did more than deliver.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You truly are wonderful.


Thanks for reading.  Stay happy, my friends.


One Response to “Let EVERYONE ELSE eat cake”

  1. Connie Centeno Quigley January 31, 2014 at 12:56 pm #

    Dear Erin, thanks for sharing. I always enjoy reading your blogs. Have a great weekend.
    Love you. Grandma Q.

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