30 Jun


We are half way through the year.  It’s the last few hours of June.  This month has been delightful.  I feel so grateful to live the life I do.  Each night as I take a few moments to write one sentence in my journal, I feel happy.  It centers me.  If writing is not your thang, perhaps you could just take a moment to think of the happiest part of your day.  A quiet moment of reflection before you go to sleep can change your entire outlook.  It has done wonders for me.  Here is what I have been up to…


Summer has arrived and I am a summer lover.  I spent my first official beach day with Hartman and it was delightful.  Instant happiness bubbles up in my heart as soon as I sink my toes into the sand.  Hartman and I ended the perfect beach day with Tacos.  We were laughing while we were eating them because we found it kind of silly that we decided to have Tacos days before heading to a destination wedding in Mexico.




Mere and Tone are an amazing couple.  They are one of the few couples that I know that have been dating longer than me and Hartman.  When an invitation arrived asking us to Save the Date for their wedding in Cabo we happily marked our calendars.  Planning a wedding that is essentially a vacation with all of your nearest and dearest is the best way to truly enjoy your wedding festivities.

I have attended lots of weddings.  All different types.  I have witnessed everyone enjoying themselves at wedding with the exception of the bride and the groom.  I have been urged to elope as a groom was being pulled in a million directions.  I have been told that a wedding “wasn’t worth it” as the bride was still in her wedding dress.  I have seen it all.

It’s easy to let the stress of planning and families overwhelm you as you are trying to be perfect on your perfect day.  Mere and Tone didn’t let the wedding wave crash over them.  They rode the wave with style and grace.  They planned their wedding out so they had down time to have fun with their guests.  A genius concept indeed.  We spent the entire day of the rehearsal enjoying an epic pool day.  We sipped on cocktails and laughed till our cheeks hurt.  It became clear early on during the weekend that the group of people that Mere and Tone call their best friends are a group of the finest peeps you will ever meet.  Everyone was so welcoming and nice.  I made many new friends.  It was such a fantastic wedding and I was deeply saddened when I had to go home.  I sat at my desk on Monday trying to come to grips with the wedding being over.  It was hard to come to terms with it.

Cheers to #dosdelellos!  You set the bar for fun weddings and I can’t wait for the vow renewal.  Please do so annually.








Pedro Gets Older, Amen

Immediately upon our return from Cabo we all got together to toast the birthday of our friend, Pedro.  We were all missing Mexico so we decided margaritas and tacos was the only way to dull the pain.  We had a lovely evening reminiscing about all of the funny moments from out trip.  As a birthday gift to Pedro I baked him a cheesecake and a Guinness chocolate cake.  He said he was on a cake diet while Smalls was away on business.  I was thrilled to know that he wouldn’t starve while she was away even if the amount of butter he was consuming was a bit scary.



 Dinner Guest

We had our dear friend, Normy, over for dinner mid-week and it was such a treat to play catch up.  Hartman cooked a feast and we sat around the kitchen table until late laughing.  Normy just opened his very own fancy law office and we are so proud of him.  He is his own boss and it’s super awesome.  While dinning we talked about how long Hartman and Normy have been friends.  Twelve years is a long time.  Some of the stories they had were simply hilarious.  When you have that many years of friendship under your belt it’s to be expected.




I attended a fundraiser in San Diego for the victims of the shootings in Isla Vista.  I had the pleasure of reconnecting with old friends that I haven’t seen in years.  It was a really fun night and the sangria I was enjoying so much helped support a good cause.  The bar was never empty.  Gauchos are a thirsty bunch.



Orange County

I had the luxury of taking a girls weekend to visit my bestie, Chow, in Orange County.  Hartman was wrapped up in the World Cup so he didn’t care that I was MIA.  Chow is the hostess with the mostess.  After a light lunch on Saturday we hit the pool for a long relaxing day in the sun.  To our delight there was a group of gentlemen playing the club jams poolside.  We had a great time catching up.  We even made a few new friends.  Sunday we headed to Laguna Beach to have brunch and explore.  It was my first time in Laguna and I fell in love instantly.  As we bounced from fun spot to fun spot we made many plans for future adventures.  Chow is one of a kind and such a devoted friend.  I am so grateful to have her in my life.






 The Emilio Nares Foundation

I have been fortunate enough to work for a company that is values led for almost five years now.  We partnered with the Emilio Nares Foundation two years ago.  Doing so has enriched my life immensely.  ENF’s sole purpose in life is to ensure that no child misses their cancer treatment due to lack of transportation.  The golf tournament that I sit on the committee of more than doubled the goal we set to raise this year for ENF.  ENF hosted a cocktail reception in appreciation of everyone that sponsored the tourney at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park.  My girlfriend and I were joking that we felt like we were on the Real Housewives as we sipped wine and looked at Art.  We are sooooooo fancy.  It was a really fun night and I feel honored to call the ENF team friends.





Birthday Birthday Birthday

I know a lot of people that were born at the end of June and the beginning of July.  It’s kind of intense.  I am going to start buying gifts way earlier next year because it really hits my budget hard when I have to buy them all at once.  I love Birthdays and I think of them as one’s own personal holiday that needs to be met with great fanfare.

Hartman’s Birthday is the beginning of July but we started celebrating early this weekend.  We enjoyed a happy hour and a Padres game on Friday.  It was their fireworks night.   Being a July Birthday Baby certainly has its perks since there are always fireworks to see somewhere if you plan accordingly.  When I see fireworks I can’t help but smile.  It takes me back to being a kid.  We spent Saturday at the Lafayette Hotel and Swim Club.  A few friends came and met us for a mellow early Birthday pool day.  There was a really awesome band playing jazz poolside.  It was super chill and we had a great time.








Sunday we headed to North County to toast Hartman’s Birthday buddy, Baby Lafe, officially becoming one year old.  As I watched adorable Lafe dive into his cake, I couldn’t help but think about Hartman having done so many moons ago.  It’s kind of trippy when you think about it.  Slams and Nic certainly out did themselves with the party they threw for their baby boy.  It was Pinterest magic to infinity and beyond.  There was a mimosa bar and a bacon bar.  Yes, you read that right, A BACON BAR.  An assortment of different types of bacon.  July Birthday Buddies are the coolest ever!  Hartman and I will have a quiet celebration just us two midweek.  I just finished making him a heath bar ice cream cake.

Happy Happy Birthday to BBT, my brother, KTCO, Hatman, Lafe, Smalls, Riley, and Gary!  Love you all very much.

Thank you for reading.  Cheers to Summer! I hope you continue to find happiness in the little moments in life.












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  1. Sue Vogelsanger July 1, 2014 at 2:21 pm #

    Another Blue Ribbon Blog Winner. Thanks for sharing.
    G’ma sue

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