Cambodian Doughnuts

4 Sep


My Big Brother got engaged yesterday to the most amazing girl. Dream Sister in Law for sure. CHEERS to Paul and Savann becoming fiancés and soon to be Husband and Wife. This blog is for them.

I have been journaling for the last 19 months. I write one sentence in my journal every night. I write the happiest part of my day.

One year ago, Paul and Savann were in San Diego and they brought Master P of course. On September 3rd, 2013, I wrote about how I had a lovely day with my nephew (even if my sweet angel boy was a bit fussy). We took him to the beach in Coronado.





Last night, September 3rd, 2014, I wrote that my brother had proposed to Savann and she said “YES”. So crazy to think it has been EXACTLY one year.

Savann and Paul love each other so very much. The path to their marriage has been anything but conventional. They are REAL good at playing house and have decided to make things official like a referee with a whistle! Normally, a rap is my go to for such a momentous occasion. I am going to go a different route this time though. Paul answered a few questions for me before Peyton was born. The rest of this blog is written by him.


– – – – – – – – – –


The Story of Paul and Savann

By Paul



How They Met

We met at Wells Fargo Bank and she hit on me nonstop. She used to bring me disclosures every day even though I did not need them. She also intentionally flattened a tire on her Honda one day after the bank was closed, and I was the only person left so I had to change her tire for her.  Her persistence paid off as eventually I agreed to go to lunch with her a short time later.

What Made Him Want to Date Her

I thought she was really really really really really incredibly good looking, she had a great personality, and I found out her parents owned a donut shop.

How He Asked Her Out for the First Time

I sent her flowers one day but I did not actually ask her out at that time. A week or two later Wells Fargo went out for some group function, and I got extremely tipsy and asked her out. I do not remember what I said exactly, but whatever it was must have been good because it worked.

 Their First Date

We went to Sushi, and then we went to see a movie called Shutter…it was supposed to be a scary movie, and I believe I told Savann I enjoyed scary movies (which is a bold faced lie, I hate them). The movie was not scary at all and we had a nice time.

 What Paul Loves Most About Savann

I get free donuts from her parents. In addition to that I love that she is strong in areas were I am weak, so she makes me a better person.

– – – – – – – – – –

I’m so happy for the two of you!  The future Mrs. Bird Singer is certainly something to celebrate.  I’ll see you in a few weeks.  Bring on the champs!




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