28 Oct


“I’m going to date him so hard and marry the bleep out of him.” That’s what Smalls said to me. She meant it. On August 6th, friends and family gathered in Paso Robles to witness Smalls and Pedro commit to forever eva. The wedding was magical. This blog is for the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Mellon.


Two Weeks

Some stories are meant to be kept closer to the heart so the details of their initial romance won’t be written here. I will share with you how I came to learn of my bestie’s now husband. She was taking me to the airport and I casually asked her what she had been up to. I hadn’t seen Smalls in about two weeks. She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and told me that she had met someone. I was instantly struck by way she delivered this news.

It wasn’t her typical tone.

Her facial expression looked different.

When you have been friends with someone for a long time you take notice when they surprise you. She had never looked so certain. She also had never looked so happy.

She spent the last two weeks falling madly in love and love looked so good on her. The one hiccup in their romance was that Pedro lived in the UK. They would have to get a few ducks in a row before they could be together.

They say that absence is to love what wind is to fire.

If it’s a great love, the absence will make the fire grow.

If it’s a weak love, the absence will make the fire go out.

Their love only burned bigger and brighter each day until they were back in each other arms.

Months later when I finally met Pedro, I understood why she was smitten. He was her missing puzzle piece in her life and he was also the missing puzzle piece in our solid group of friends. It’s a beautiful moment when you adore your bestie’s love and he becomes your friend too.









The Bean

Pedro proposed to Smalls in Chicago. It was a total surprise. When he asked her to marry him she was so shocked she blacked out. Pedro said she kept saying over and over, “Are you for real”, in her adorable Australian accent. He was ‘for real’. He put a beautiful ring on her hand and asked her to be his wife. Pedro helped create the perfect ring alongside his best friend who is conveniently a designer for Beaconsfield Fine Jewellery.

Smalls texted me a photo of her holding up her hand while she was on her trip and I screamed so loud I scared my boyfriend. I showed him the picture and he had no clue. I had to explain to him the major moment that was being shared with us. THEY WERE ENGAGED!

I called her immediately and we squealed in delight. Pedro and Smalls proceeded to celebrate in Chicago. They toasted their future with champagne and talked about what their dream wedding. Hartman and I picked them up from the airport when they returned to San Diego and the celebration continued.








The Perfect Canvas

When planning a wedding the venue is a crucial element. Once the venue is picked all the other details fall into place. Smalls and Pedro threw around several different options for their wedding. They eventually came to the exciting decision that Central California’s beautiful wine country, Paso Robles, would be the perfect back drop for their special day.

Small’s Mum flew in all the way in from Australia to scout venues with the happy couple. When a handful of site inspections concluded there was a clear front runner, HammerSky Vineyards & Inn. This boutique vineyard is so unbelievably stunning it looks like a movie set.

HammerSky sits on 25 acres and the vineyard was named after the owners two sons, Hamilton and Skyler. From the restored farmhouse inn, hundred year old oak tree, vines, lush grass, and the post-and-beam Yankee barn, it was easy to see why Smalls and Pedro wanted to make their first memories as husband and wife at HammerSky.









Chantilly Lace

When Smalls walked into her first bridal salon, she reluctantly tried on a lace dress. When everyone’s jaws hit the floor (including hers), her aversion to lace quickly dissipated. The day suddenly turned into finding THE lace dress. Lace matched the venue seamlessly and Smalls was a vision in white. She is so gorgeous everything looked amazing on her. At the end of the first day’s search there were a few dresses that were front runners.

Early on a Sunday morning, Smalls arrived at The White Flower in downtown San Diego. She described to her consultant what she loved about each of the dresses she had tried on so far. The consultant brought in the perfect gown that captured every detail she had hoped for. Smalls and her Sister, Chow, also her matron of honor, stood in the bridal salon crying tears of joy. She had found her dress. A full Chantilly lace trumpet gown by Augusta Jones was the clear winner.

Where was I during this major moment? I was asleep. I drank too much wine the night before and slept through the appointment. The fact that I slept through the BIG dress decision was not my best bridesmaid moment.

I did get to go to her first dress fitting a few months later. She made the perfect choice. It was as if the two dresses we all loved made a baby. She looked elegant and beautiful.






Practice Makes Perfect

Tuesday, August 5th, seemed surreal. Small’s family was in from Australia and Pedro’s family had arrived from the UK. So much planning had gone into their three day wedding celebration, to be physically standing there in Paso Robles was major.

The wedding party spent early afternoon the day before the wedding at HammerSky. The Bride and Groom did their last walk through with their wedding coordinator, Lauren Tinnin, to make sure those last details were just as they envisioned.

I wandered around and soaked in the beauty of the venue. I had been gushing over Pinterest with Smalls and to be standing on the grass looking out at the vines was spectacular. We did the typical bridesmaid stuff: stand here, walk here, pause here, smile at the camera. Once we all felt comfortable with our duties we headed back to the Paso Robles Inn for some relaxing by the pool.








Pour House

Since so many of the Bride and Groom’s friends and family traveled internationally to attend their wedding, they decided to extend the invite to all guests for the rehearsal dinner. I have been to many rehearsal dinners, but hands down this was by far the most creative and fun. Paso Robles is a small town so we all met outside of the Paso Robles Inn and walked over a local’s favorite, The Pour House.

To everyone’s delight, the happy couple arranged to have super popular Fundaro’s Foodstream parked right outside the bar catering to our entire group. The food was delish. We all had a fantastic time visiting and letting our hair down. It certainly was a celebration before THE celebration. Smalls snuck a way a bit earlier than everyone else to ensure she got plenty of beauty sleep. Smalls and Pedro decided take the traditional route and spend the night before the wedding apart. The next time they would see each other would be when she was walking down the aisle.







SP_0473 - Copy


Dream Team

On August 6th, we gathered early to start getting ready with our dream team glam squad. Bellezza By Betsy made the bridal party’s makeup look smashing. Each bridesmaid’s hair was effortlessly put into elegant up-dos by Joy Ishii from San Diego’s Flirt Urban Salon. We headed to HammerSky at 10:30am and enjoyed a light lunch alongside plenty of mimosas.

One Love Photography captured the magic of all the pre wedding fun. There were so many sweet moments throughout the day. My personal favorite was dancing with mimosas while singing Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’ at the top of our lungs. The curtains were closed and the Groomsmen were right outside. They couldn’t see us but they certainly could hear us. It was one of those moments when you look around and your heart is so full it could burst. Pure joy. Happiness in its best form.






Marry Me

Smalls and Pedro’s ceremony was full of so much love. There were a few happy tears along with lots of laughter. A best friend of the couple officiated. Little touches like that are what made the day so uniquely heartwarming. When they kissed for the first time as husband and wife we all went wild.

MR. and MRS. MELLON were official and it was time to celebrate. We all snuck off to snap pics as guests headed to HammerSky’s tasting room for libations. Having gushed over One Love Photography with Smalls leading up to the wedding, I was thrilled to pose any way they directed. I had no doubt these pictures were going to be incredible.








Cocktail hour was followed by one of the most breath taking dinners I will ever take part in. We dined al fresco on the lawn with string lights above. Food was served family style by Trumpet Vine Catering. The menu cards were hand made by Smalls Mum (she made the invitations as well). The tables were draped with lush flowers from Flowers by Denise in vintage vases. Several toasts were given honoring the newlyweds. Smalls and Pedro sipped champagne from her late Grandparent’s wedding flutes. I was so moved I cried off all of my makeup.

I had a lovely chat with one of Pedro’s dearest friends, Taters. It have never fully occurred to me how Pedro sent his friends in the UK into a tail spin when he went away to the US for a few weeks and came back in love. Upon meeting Smalls though, Taters could easily see why Pedro wanted to spend his life with her.

When the DJ invited us inside the Yankee post-and-beam barn to watch the Mellons cut the cake my jaw hit the floor. Pedro’s Mom made the wedding cake and it was beyond gorgeous. It was almost too pretty to eat. Please note, I said “almost”. We happily devoured it. After the cake was cut Pedro’s Mom came up to me and simply asked, “Look after them for me, will you”. We both burst into tears. It was a touching moment that I will always treasure.











Smalls and Pedro kept their first dance song choice as Husband and Wife a secret. My eyes welled up with tears as soon as the first note was played. Sam Smith’s acoustic ‘Latch’ filled the barn and we all looked on with goose bumps. Small’s Chantilly lace trumpet gown twirled around the dance floor. It was magic.

The lyrics of the song embody everything about their romance. When they fell in love they fell hard. They knew instantly that what they had was so special that they had to “Latch” onto each other and hold on tight. Nothing would keep these two apart. They were meant to be.

We all danced in the barn and had the best time. It was quite the party. There was a cigar bar and big comfy couches from Two Southern Girls Vintage to snuggle up on. One Love Photography snapped pictures of our epic dance party. I wanted to live in that moment forever.

At one point on the dance floor, Smalls and Pedro embraced each other. Before leaning in for a kiss, Smalls said, “I bleeping love you soooooooooooooo much”. It was the sweetest moment ever. I tear up writing about it even now. These two are madly in love and it’s so cool to witness it.

The final song of the night was Discolsure’s ‘Latch’ featuring Sam Smith. As everyone crowded into the barn for one last dance, I couldn’t help but think that this was heaven on earth.







My only complaint about the Mellon wedding is that I wish it lasted longer. When the bus arrived to shuttle us back into town I wasn’t ready to go. We all reluctantly piled onto the bus and made our way into town to keep the party going. We took over Pappy McGregor’s. Pedro ordered late night snacks to ensure that this after party went the distance. Around 3am we all headed back to the hotel to finally call it a night. We didn’t make it till sunrise but we got pretty close.













The Rap

And for the grand finale of this blog, I shall rap.

While partying at Pappy McGregor’s I asked the bartender if they would be willing to turn the music off because I had a very special rap to deliver. They happily ran over to their sound system and cut the music. I climbed up on top of the bar and said…


Can I please get you to clap,

Cause Vogel is about to rap.


Sweet little Smalls found her guy,

And invited us all to HammerSky.


Families have traveled from very far,

By plane, by train, and even car.


This is the wedding of the year,

So grab your glass, it’s time to Cheers!


Let’s toast to the Newlyweds,

And tonight in your marital bed,

Make a BABY,

And name it ‘Water’,

So we can call it,

‘Water Mellon’!


Cheers to the MELLONS and their happily ever after!

xoxo Your Bridesmaid,








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