1 Nov


Today marks 9 years with Hartman. 9 years ago we were both living in Santa Barbara. Halloween weekend is a huge deal in SBeezie. You go out multiple nights and typically have several different costumes. My brother was visiting along with many of his friends. My costume was a slutty ninja of course. My belly button was proudly on display. I bought my costume at Walgreens of all places. It was meant for a small child; not a 23 year old woman. Naturally, I rocked it out. One of my finer moments of the night was accidentally flinging my nunchucks across a dance floor at my favorite bar, Study Hall, while I was dancing. I’m sure someone got hit pretty hard with them. One of my friends that worked at Study Hall told me they found them later once the bar cleared out.

Hartman was Clark Kent. He looked adorable and my infatuation with him grew with each minute. The fact that my Brother and all of his friends gave him a thumbs up was also a huge plus. They weren’t always big fans of my choices. There were a few frogs before I found my prince.


Tonight we will sip champagne and reminisce. 9 years is certainly something to celebrate. We will say “toast” instead of “cheers” because that’s what our nephew, Peyton, says.

Throughout the year I will ask him things like, “_____ years ago today, what was happening”. It’s a fun way to remember our pasts and celebrate how far we’ve come.

These are the dates that make me smile…

– – – – – – – – –

October 14, 2005 & October 15, 2005

The first time we ever hung out.

We went bar hoping in downtown SB with our friend Ro.

Ro was a 3rd wheel to our non-stop flirting.

There is a disposable camera in my garage with pictures from this weekend.

I will develop it someday.


October 16, 2005

Our “sort of” first date.

After running random errands downtown,

we went to Brophy Borthers for dinner.

Ro was not invited.

We sat on the patio at lucky table 13.

I couldn’t stop smiling.

I ordered the lobster and Hartman had the Ahi.

The Ahi was overcooked and Hartman was not happy about that.

I paid for dinner.

I slipped the waitress my credit card while Hartman was up from the table.


October 27, 2005

Our “sort of” second date.

We went to Wildcat AKA “The $hitty Kitty”.

Donald Glaude was DJing.

We burned up the dance floor.


October 28, 2005

Our first kiss.


November 1, 2005

Officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

I changed my MySpace status to “In a relationship”.


November 20, 2005

We said, “I love you”, for the first time.


June 24, 2006

We moved in together.

I moved into his bachelor party pad downtown.


January 1, 2007

We left on a two month trip to Thailand


April Β 2007

We moved to beautiful San Diego.

– – – – – – – – –

Β “TOAST” to us, Hartman, and our beautiful life. I love you lots!

Happy Anniversary, baby! xo



One Response to “Nine”

  1. Connie Centeno Quigley November 3, 2014 at 11:20 am #

    Congratulations. Enjoy your anniversary.
    Love you, Grandma Q.

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