27 Nov


Gobble! Gobble! It’s Thanksgiving and this blog is about gratitude. My journal gives me a quiet moment of reflection before I close my eyes each night. My blog gives me a place to tie things all these moments together. This year has been delightful (only one more month to go). I have so many things to be grateful for.


New Traditions

I am grateful for new traditions that started this year. Hartman and I decided that we want to watch the sunrise on January 1st so we woke up hella early and froze out butts off hiking Torey Pines. It was a sweet moment when we got to the top. I have no regrets on skipping on sleeping in. We are going to attempt to make this a new tradition annually.

In addition to the New Year’s Day newbie, Hartman invoked a new tradition for November 20th. On (or near) November 20th, we will eat pizza. November 20th, 2005 was the first time we said we loved each other and that night we had pizza for dinner. 9 years later we are still in love and still huge fans of pizza. Let pizza be enjoyed in honor of love! I am grateful for these moments that make me smile and give me something to look forward to.





This year has been full of so many fun activities. I have traveled to cool new spots as well as old haunts. We have also opened up our Tree House a handful of dear friends. If friends are the family that you choose, I have made some fantastic choices throughout the years. If travel is the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer, we are very rich. I am lucky to have many friends and a handful of besties that make up my inner circle of trust. I am grateful for my zest for life an taking time to appreciate it.




Giant Swan

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series and this makes me very happy. I am grateful that the month of October was filled with so many joyful baseball moments. I’m also grateful that I am healthy enough to handle so many heart stopping ordeals. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack during my GIGANTES signature torture. My friend at work thought I was saying, “Giant Swan,” when I was saying, “Giants Won”; this made me laugh out loud. I am grateful that the team I love so much has another ring.



Love is the best thing on earth. Without love, life is dull and boring. This year I have the honor of witnessing so much love and multiple weddings. I am grateful that so many of my friends found their soul mate. I am also grateful that all my friends throw such wild parties in celebration of them saying “I do”.

It goes without question I am grateful for my love, Hartman. He is my everything. I can’t imagine life without his sweet heart.






I love my crazy family. I really do. Since Hartman and I decided to make San Diego our permanent home we have made more of an effort to be present at family events. This has meant more traveling and planning but it has been overwhelmingly worth it. I will forever be grateful to the small army that raised me (and Hartman too). I think we both have good heads on our shoulders (and yes we know Hartman’s is quite large).



This Thanksgiving I will tease my Grandma that she is shrinking. My Grandpa will say, “Everything is WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONDERFUL, a million times. We will end up at ‘Da Club’ overlooking the golf course. There will be laughter. And the most important thing of all, memories will be made. For that, I am oh so very thankful.


Happy Thanksgiving to you! THANK YOU…for reading.



One Response to “T H A N K F U L”

  1. swornbymarriage November 27, 2014 at 10:03 pm #

    There is something so refreshing to see people in your life genuinely happy. I know that we don’t tangibly share life together anymore, but I am truly happy for you and the life that you have created for yourself. Big hugs!

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