A Boot

28 Feb


It’s supposed to rain today in San Diego. I really REALLY want it to. I’m home alone this weekend because Hartman is in Santa Barbara with his college long time forever friend, Marco Polo. Marco has a major travel bug. He likes to explore the unknown and his job allows him to do so. He leaves for a crazy long trip on Monday. Santa Barbara is my favorite place in the world but I decided to stay home for a chill weekend because I have a crazy busy week ahead of me. I need some zen leading up to it. Plus, it’s good to let the boys be boys and have time sans the old ball and chain tagging along. Hartman informed me that they didn’t make it to bed until 3:30am last night and that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past my bed time. I’m glad they are having a good time. My plan for the weekend with The Tree House all to myself is to binge watch House of Cards. Fingers crossed for the pitter patter of rain drops while I do so.

As I type this blog, Hartman and Marco are living the Santa Barbara dream sitting on the patio at Brophy Brothers at a sic corner table over looking the harbor.  They sent me some pictures of the awesomeness. It makes me super duper happy.

Marco Polo, have the BEST time on your grand adventure. Stay safe. Beware of international mustards. Love you lots, amigo.



– – – – – –

Sidebar…  I considered breaking up with Hartman last night. He accidentally took the Apple TV remote to Santa Barbara with him in his fleece pocket. After tearing the house apart looking for it he talked me off the ledge and guided me to a way to access our Netflix sans Apple TV. No one gets in the way of this lady and her binge watching House of Cards. So, Hartman and Vogel will remain a couple.

– – – – – –

20150109 152

February has been insanely busy for me. Here is the dip and the burst of my month.

The dip has been me feeling overwhelmed. Work has been rather stressful lately and I have a lot more on my plate. Some of the projects I have been working on are not my comfort zone so I have been pushing myself to grow. I don’t enjoy change and it has taken every ounce of my being to not go into a full on melt down. I’m going to make it a goal of mine to remain calm in moments of extreme frustration in the months ahead. I have been letting things get the best of me and I hate that feeling. My anxiety has been welling up. The feeling of an elephant on my chest is the worst.

20150109 155

I completed the Yoga Six 28 Day February Challenge this month which means I went to 28 classes (29 if you count Law Street Beach yoga too). That has helped me work through a lot of my anxiousness. Considering how crazy my schedule has been I’m really proud of myself. And of course, my journal always helps center me even on the most difficult of days.

There are a few other things that are on my mind but I realized that some things just can’t be written here. Some issues have to be kept closer to the heart. I have faith that in the end it will be alright. If it’s not alright, then it’s not the end.

Onto the yummy stuff…

The burst of my month is shockingly what I thought was my dip last month. Hartman broke his left foot at work in the weirdest way. I thought this was going to put a major damper on our routine. He is still in A BOOT and hobbling around, however, we’ve been able to spend way more time together because of his broken foot. Hartman has worked in restaurants ever since I met him. When he got his big boy career going a year ago, he still kept a few nights a week at the restaurant because the money is so good. Well, it takes two feet to wait tables. He has been on leave while his foot heals which means I get to hang with my man seven nights a week. I have been enjoying the extra time so much. It makes me so happy to spend so much time with my guy.


Hartman’s family from Canada came to town this month for a family reunion. We took over two beach front condos in Mission Beach. His broken foot put a damper on some of the activities he was looking forward to doing but we didn’t have to stress for a second about if he’d be able to get the time off work. Hartman was rocking A BOOT and his family says A BOOT instead of about. Twenty Five Canadians made for a wild weekend. I hadn’t seen this side of his family since their last family reunion in 2007, so it was a delight to catch up. My precious nieces are too cute for words and I had a major burst of joy when Riley Grace called me “Auntie”.  She is so freaking cute I can’t even handle it. Watching the kids play hide and seek between the two condos brought back so many memories from my childhood.


Hartman and I both will be forever grateful that they made the long (and expensive) journey to San Diego. The next family reunion is scheduled for August of 2018 in Canada when his Grandma turns 100 years old. That is going to be quite the party.

So, I strike from the record my dip from last month’s blog. The broken foot was actually a blessing in disguise. I keep teasing him that I am going to go full Tonya Harding on him when he starts to get better.

March is manana. That’s cray. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog. Now, take a moment to think about how beautiful your life is.

P.S. Enjoy a few pictures from our Family Reunion…

20150109 145

20150109 131

20150109 111

20150109 112





20150109 114

20150109 116

20150109 117

20150109 118


20150109 119

20150109 134

20150109 143

20150109 135

20150109 137

20150109 150


SLOMO Below!



One Response to “A Boot”

  1. Connie Centeno Quigley March 2, 2015 at 8:31 am #

    Dear Erin, I always enjoy reading your blogs. I was sorry to hear about Mike’s foot. I’m sure it will heal quickly. Have a great month of March. God bless you. Love you.
    Grandma Q.

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