Ah-Han and CHAR

31 Mar


There are two bursts for March. The first burst is my precious Nephew, Peyton. The second burst is a fluffy shitzu named Charlie. Before the bursts though, let’s talk about the dip…

My dip for the month was having an entire flock of birds $hit all over my car. I parked underneath a tree out front of my house and came out to my car completely covered (and I mean COVERED) in bird poo. I’ve never seen so much crap on a car. Even after having it pressure washed, small flecks of bird droppings are still there. It’s super glue poo. I was waiting at a stop light and laughing to myself as two homeless people were pointing and laughing at me.

The struggle is real. Now on to the yummy stuff…

My Nephew, Peyton, has named me “Ah-Han”.  That was a big moment. When Peyton says, “Ah-Han, dit here”, you sit down exactly where he is motioning to. I went home for a few days this month to visit with my family. Peyton giving me a name while I was there made my heart super happy. I spoiled him rotten of course. He has a big sweet tooth. Peyton is obsessed with cookies, candy, and chapstick. The morning I left he walked into daycare and announced, “Ahhhhh-Han hairpain”. Life doesn’t get much cuter than that.


Burst numero dos…

When my girlfriend texted me asking if I could watch my God-Dog, Charlie, I couldn’t respond with an enthusiastic “YEEEEEEEEEES” fast enough. Charlie moved up to Redding while his Mom is going to nursing school so I haven’t seen him in over a year. Having him back in my arms was such a major moment. We were so overjoyed to be reunited it was a magic. He laid at my feet and kept giving me smooches. I spoiled Charlie rotten (same royal treatment as Peyton). He was showered with love love love for his entire visit. He was my shadow, following me everywhere throughout the house. It made me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY to have time with Sir Charles, the True Gentleman Dog. I took him to Nordstroms (his favorite) and on all sorts of adventures.

That’s it for March.  April is my favorite month so I’m thrilled for it’s arrival.

Bring. It. On.

20150331 001

20150331 003

20150331 005


20150331 013

20150331 017

20150331 016

20150331 011

20150331 009




20150331 015

20150331 010

20150331 008

Thank you for reading. xoxo


20150331 019

20150331 034


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