31 Aug


This blog started because I was depressed. I wanted to take time each month to look at all of the good in my life. Each night I crawl into bed and I write one sentence. That sentence is the happiest part of my day. Sometimes it’s a major life moment. Other times it’s something small. I use this blog to highlight two things each month. I talk about my dip for the month. My dip is the thing that makes me appreciate the good in my life. Life isn’t all yummy stuff and I decided it was important to be honest about everything going on with me as opposed to only the good. I also highlight my burst for the month. My burst is the thing that made my heart well up with joy.


I have titled this blog “Alright” because that is what I am determined to be. Despite the fact that my Step Dad of 28 years and my Mom have decided to get a divorce, in the end everything is going to be okay. I have faith. I was hesitant to be so bold to blog about my dip but I honestly don’t care who knows. I have lost my need to keep this major life changer out of the blogosphere. It has affected me deeply and I imagine it will for some time. There is nothing fun about divorce. This divorce is the furthest thing from amicable. Calling the events that lead to their ultimate end “messy” is an understatement. It will be alright at some point…

“In the end it will be alright, if it’s not alright then it’s not the end.”


I have two bursts for August.

The love of my life got a major promotion at work. He started a new job few months ago and he set a pretty lofty goal right out the gate. I was overjoyed to see him bust his ass and be rewarded for his hard work so quickly. I am so proud of him. He is amazing. It was so special to celebrate with him and his coworkers on the day he found out about his promotion. There was a “slow clap” involved and hearing the story brought happy years to my eyes. YAY HARTMAN!


I co-hosted a Bridal Shower for my soon to be Sister-in-law in San Jose the last weekend of August. The day was perfection. The venue, décor, games, and super fun guests made for a fabulous afternoon. I adore Savann and I can’t wait for her to be officially a part of the family. I got to spend quality time with my nephew, Peyton, while I was visiting and any time with him is time well spent. Peyton speaks in the third person which is quite adorable. He has learned how to say my name now which was a tad sad for me. I was used to being called “Auntie Ah-Han”.

Bye Bye Summer.

Thank you for reading.

I hope you are finding happiness.















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