I’m Engaged

31 Oct


October 2015 has been the BEST MONTH. Seriously over the top happiness overflowing from every ounce of my soul.


My Brother married the most amazing woman. I’m going to blog more about their wedding once all of their professional pictures are available. Stay tuned.






I’m engaged. Hartman proposed in the grandest of ways two days after I returned home from my Brother’s wedding madness. His proposal was soooooooooooooo special and it blew my mind. I had no clue it was happening. It was a total surprise.


My Bestie, Smalls, and her Husband, Pedro, were in on it. They invited me to a charity event for LGBT homeless youth at Balboa Park. I reluctantly agreed to go even though I had just returned from my Brother’s wedding and Disneyland. I wanted to be in full hermit mode in our Tree House. When Hartman texted me that he was running late and would have to meet us at the “event” I was irritated. I even sent a grumpy faced emoji to Smalls about his tardiness.





When we arrived at the Museum of Man I didn’t find it odd that we didn’t walk into a room full of people because I have gone to events at Balboa Park where the room everyone was congregating in was tucked away. Nothing seemed to be glaringly out of the ordinary. When I saw a gigantic bouquet of white hydrangeas on a table I commented on how pretty they were. The staff member let me know that those were for me. Immediately I knew. I stood there with my mind racing a mile a minute but somehow felt like everything was going in slow motion. I was handed a card from Hartman that said, “I’m up top waiting for you. Come to your man”. My bestie informed me that this was where she’d be leaving me. Smalls said I was white as a ghost.





I then began the climb up 120 steps to my proposal. Along the way there were pictures placed from our entire relationship. VERY ROMANTICAL. These steps gave me time to collect myself as much as I could all things considered. I have never been more excited to see my guy. Once I reached the top I gave Hartman the biggest hug with tears in my eyes. The sun was setting and there was just enough cloud cover to make a spectacular glow peek through. Hartman wrapped his arms around me and we watched the skyline together for a minute before he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. We heard people cheering from down below; we thought those people were Smalls and Pedro. Smalls informed us that they were just random street people (one more reason to love San Diego).





His proposal referenced an inside joke from Santa Barbara and I teased him when he struggled to get the ring box out of his pants that his jeans were too skinny (to be fair it was a big box). When he popped the question I responded, “You already know the answer”. The ring he placed on my finger I made me gasp in delight. It’s my dream ring! It looks like a glass of rosé champagne. The center stone is a peach sapphire which is surrounded by diamonds with a rose gold band. He nailed it (#GoHartman).






We opened up a bottle of Billecart Salmon Brut Rosé and toasted our forever as we watched the sunset over San Diego. It was the most amazing moment. It was everything. Me and my fiancé drinking champagne minutes after getting engaged.

We spent the rest of the night celebrating. We actually spent the entire weekend celebrating. To be completely honest, we haven’t stopped celebrating since. We are going to take our time and soak up every ounce of engagement deliciousness.

Naturally lots of questions come with an engagement but we aren’t interested in talking about a wedding for the time being. All I want to do is drink champagne and stare at my left hand. We decided we were going to be together forever almost as soon as we started dating ten years ago. Having a Fiancé has been a dream come true. We are going to take our time before we switch to Husband and Wife. There is no rush.

I love you, Hartman. Here’s to our forever.














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