29 Feb


This is my first February as a Fiancé. I’ve always known I would be Mrs. Hartman one day so I have always been on the look out for cute heart decorations to celebrate Valentine’s Day that aren’t cheesy. I looked forward to hanging the heart garland on my mantel especially this year. Hooray for Harts.

The Dip

Anxiety crept in for me at the end of the month. When I get really intense anxiety it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. In addition to stressing about whatever brought on the anxiety I will also stress about completely random things that happened a million years ago that deserve zero of my energy. I rarely feel this sort of anxiety these days. I have been doing my best to focus on gratitude to subside these feelings. Hopefully I will start to feel better soon. My journal will help me refocus.

The Bursts

Not traveling is one of my burst for February. This has been the first month in what feels like FOREVER that I haven’t traveled. Staying in San Diego has been spectacular. Its easy to forget how lucky I am to call San Diego home. Having four weekends in a row in the city I love so very much has been amazing for my soul. My favorite weekends are weekends with no plans where Hartman and I can just be us. We go to coffee shops and wander around our favorite neighborhoods.

We redecorated our living room and it looks INCREDIBLE.

We booked engagement photos for the end of April. I’m super pumped to shoot with Lets Frolic Together.

I completed the Yoga Six February yoga challenge. I took 29 classes in 29 days. Namaste.

My sober streak continued through the month and I have never felt more clear headed. I’m planning on falling off the wagon for my Best Friend’s bachelorette party but I promise to do so with mindfulness and care.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read. I hope you are finding your happy.


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