Happy Bachie

31 Mar


Each night my journal gives me a quiet moment to pause and reflect.

The Dip

My SD Bestie is moving out of state and I am devastated. It was a total surprise how quickly an idea snowballed into a sold house. We are forever friends so I know that the distance won’t change a thing but I am still sad about it. The ease of face time will be missed.


The Bursts

My college Best Friend is getting married it is certainly a time to celebrate. I was thrilled when she asked if we could toast her final days as a single gal in SD. Everyone coming to me was crazy dope. We had an amazing time. I walked away with a firm understanding of why she loves her inner circle so much. Next stop: CABO!

Hartman loves his job and it brings me so much happiness to see him thriving. His office culture is legit and I enjoy getting to know everyone he works with immensely. I genuinely hope this is his forever job.

YAYO came to visit and any time spent with him is time well spent. He has this way of making you look at your life in the most positive light. We call him “Emo Joe” when he starts getting emotional (which is why we love him and often).

We had the pleasure of attending a surprise 40th birthday celebration for one of Hartman’s dearest friends. This party was insanely fun complete with a brass band and food truck. The New Orleans theme was prefect to mark such a milestone birthday.

April is my favorite month since it’s my Birthday month. Cheers to Taurus season!






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