My Favorite Month

30 Apr


April is my favorite month. I always look forward to April Fool’s Day. I take the entire month to celebrate my birth. Totally acceptable.

The Dip

I beat the crap out my engagement ring sitting front row at a hockey game and messed my ring up pretty bad. The game was super fun until I realized that my jeweler meant it when he said that my band was delicate. I donated a diamond to the San Diego Gulls. Enjoy!

The Bursts

Mags is a Mrs! Her wedding celebration in CABO was spectacular. With all weddings, hiccups will occur. As Mags navigated a few rather daunting moments I was in awe of how she kept her cool. Doctor P is her perfect match to infinity. It was an absolute magical moment dancing with her at her wedding. Her wedding brought our friendship to a new level of closeness and I am loving it so much.

In addition to my celebrating my Birthday, April brought many additional fun activities throughout the month.

  • My college roommie traveled to SD for a visit.
  • I brunched with the creme de la creme.
  • Family came to visit from Tahoe.
  • Hartman and I had the luxury of shooting engagement photos with Let’s Frolic Together.

Life is beautiful and I am so grateful for each moment. Hope you are finding your happy. Thanks for reading.




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