30 Jun


June was awesome. My Love and I have been waking up early to urban hike and start our day with a healthy yummy breakfast. Starting our day together has brought an insane amount of happiness to our lives. It’s funny how something so simple can be such a game changer for our entire day. I’m hoping this new routine will stick. We shall see.

The Dip

The recent nonstop terror attacks have troubled me deeply. It seems like there has been one everyday. We live in Hillcrest which is a hub for San Diego’s gay nightlife. After the Orlando shooting we attended a vigil for the lives lost. It felt good to be together with our community at such a sad time.


The Bursts

I can finally blog about something that I have been tight lipped on for some time now (I can keep a secret). My Brother and Sister-in-law are expecting a Baby Girl this fall. I can’t wait to meet the little Princess. She will be spoiled rotten for sure and I am confident that Peyton will be an amazing Big Brother.

By some miracle I won tickets to attend the 2016 All-Star game that is being held in San Diego in July. I was so excited when I won that I cried tears of joy. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am elated to being seeing some of baseballs greatest players live and in person. I will be reppin’ my GIGANTES for sure.

June brought laughter with friends that I love more than life itself. Framily time is something I treasure immensely.

Hartman and I bought season passes to the Zoo which has brought many fun adventures. I love animals and we live a quick ten minute walk from the Zoo so not having a season pass is kind of embarrassing. We finally splurged and have been enjoying going after work when most guests have cleared out.

That’s it for June. Bring on July! Thank you for reading. I hope you are finding your happy.
















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