Wedding Ish

31 Aug


Summer is kind of over. Boo. However I live in San Diego, California, so it’s always summer.

The Dips

My Mom’s beloved escape artist dog managed to get out of her kennel and went missing the very beginning of the month. The agony I felt when we didn’t know where Blue went was absolutely awful.

Luckily for me this dip has a happy ending. I sent one text to my Work Wives and they both got online and started looking for Blue. In a matter of minutes one of my Work Wives found Blue on Craig’s List. A good Samaritan found her and posted their info online on how to find her. I went from hysterically crying at my desk to crying tears of joy. Blue is my Mom’s best friend and if she was lost forever my family would never recover.


Planning a wedding is really stressful. I am aware this is not a surprising dip.

The Bursts

On a random Thursday I went to Happy Hour after work. My friend and I overheard a gentlemen talking about how his wife just passed away from ovarian cancer. We bought his dinner and he joined us for a three hour chat. I was a heart warming experience to make someone’s day.


There are five brides in my office and I had the pleasure of toasting one of my favorite gappers at her Bridal Shower. It’s fun going through the engagement journey with strong women who understand the ups and downs that come with it.


Hartman and I went to Santa Barbara to scout potential wedding venues. I have always seen myself eloping more than having a traditional wedding. Hartman has always wanted to have wedding that leans towards the norm. It was an fun but exhausting weekend. Walking down memory lane in a city that means so much to us was deeply personal on so many levels. We are creeping towards one year of being engaged and it appears that we need to figure something out. This quote has resonated with me:

“Everyone says that it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, its your day. But the entire reason people have weddings and don’t just elope is to show it off to their friends and family. You can’t make everyone happy, but trying to make sure your friends have a great time while not offending relatives but still staying true to yourself and your fiance is a nearly impossible task.”

At the end of the day the most important thing is that Hartman and I decide what is going to bring beaming smiles to our faces on the day we become Husband and Wife officially.

I hope you are finding your happy. Thank you for reading.
























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