She’s Here.

31 Oct


October has been one of the MOST INSANE months of my life.

The dip

My beloved GIGANTES were eliminated by the Chicago Cubs in the playoffs.

The Bursts

I kicked the month off with a bang. I hosted a Baby Shower for my SIL in San Jose. The party went off without a hitch. My two bestest friends in the whole wide world came down from San Francisco celebrate my Niece. I tried to make the most of my time with Peyton since this will be my last visit with him as the Auntie of one. Chocolate cake pops for breakfast. That’s the Auntie way.

I got to see my Momo’s new apartment and spend time in her new neighborhood while in San Jose. She is has found so much happiness walking away from her old life. It makes me so happy seeing her doing so good. Blue and her have a wonderful routine.

The Giants had a good run in the playoffs. I enjoy the juju and that sweet torture my team brings my heart. It was an honor that we barely scraped in even if we didn’t go all the way.

I had the pleasure of traveling to San Francisco for Fleet Week. I stayed with my college Bestie and we had THE BEST weekend. I wish we lived in the same city. I am so lucky to have Mags in my life. She is one in a million. I squeezed in time with my superstar high school Bestie too. “I’m tall, model tall, like a model”. The trip left my soul renewed.

I left San Jose on October 2, 2016. Ten days later my Niece arrived on the scene five weeks early. I will be meeting her over the Thanksgiving break and I CAN NOT WAIT.

Welcome to the world, Bailey Rae! I will be writing you your very own blog (as I did for Peyton) very soon.

I was offered my dream job the same day Bailey Rae was born. I happily accepted the offer.

Hartman and I celebrated our one year engagement-iversary. We toured the California Tower. Walking down memory lane was quite fun. We have an elopement on the books so this will be our one and only engagement-iversary. The next time we circle back on October 16th we will be married. Kinda cool.

Dublyn Mae joined my squad in September and I had to not so patiently wait to meet her until this month. She is cute as a button. Hartman and I gave Dublyn’s Mom and Dad a much needed break from Baby Prison by babysitting. We didn’t kill the kid and had a great time. I’d call that a success!

The Bets through a joint Halloween and housewarming party. Her sisters and her bought a house last year and they have completely remodeled it themselves. Home ownership, babies, and weddings, OH MY! We are adulting and it’s awesome.

My Work Wife got real life married. Of all the many weddings I have attended I have ever been to a navy wedding. I absolutely LOVED all of the navy traditions. I was blown away. Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Edwards!

Tomorrow is my 11 year anniversary with Hartman. YAY Love! Looking forward to celebrating with my guy.

Thank you for reading. Hope you are finding your happy each day.
































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