Lobsters, Weddings, & Babies

30 Nov


This month had some super high highs and one major low. Let’s dive right in…

The Dip

Trump is our President-elect. This is totally gross.

The Bursts

Hartman and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary. We drank Dom Perignon and enjoyed Maine Lobster for dinner. He is the best part of my life and my hart consistently wells up with gratitude when I look at him. Cheers to us!

I hit the 3 gallon mark with the San Diego Blood Bank. That is a whole lotta of blood.


My Work Wifey got married and her wedding was total hipster magic. This was our last wedding of 2016 and we had a magnificent time. The Skarin’s know how to throw a party.

Though the election didn’t turn out how I hoped it was still a deeply special moment to cast my vote for a woman president. I’m still with her.


My Love was recognized at work for being awesome. I think he’s awesome all the time so to know his peers agree as well is fantastic. Go, Babe, Go! Keep grinding.


I made a new friend. We bonded over rap music and champagne (two of my favorite things). The burst of fun Mrs. Steel has brought to my life is quite spectacular. Looking forward to many more San Diego adventures with this chick.


The BIGGEST BURST of all is I FINALLY met Miss Bailey Rae. She is getting her very own blog when I have more time to devote to the magic that is my perfect Niece. I wrote a blog for Peyton too when he was born.

Thanksgiving with the Fam Bam was wonderful as always. Mom tackled the shopping and “the kids” tackled the cooking. We all left fat and happy. Gobble! Gobble! I will go into more detail about the holiday in Bailey’s blog.

Bailey’s Blog is coming soon! Stay tuned. Thanks for reading.





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