Birthday Fun

31 Jan


It’s 2017. Traditionally January is a VERY busy month for me. This January was no exception to the rule.

The Dip

I woke up on New Years day with the full blown flu. I suspect I picked it up over Christmas break in Tahoe from my Niece. I tried to pretend I wasn’t getting sick while I enjoyed the San Diego portion of our vacation. New Years eve celebrations weakened my immune system. I woke up on New Years day with a fever and was absolutely miserable for a full week. Stupidly I traveled while sick which was a terrible decision. Lesson learned. Listen to your body and do not ignore signs that you need to slow the F down.

The Bursts

Peyton is now 4 years old. I celebrated this momentous occasion with him in Northern California. Being an Auntie brings me a joy that I never knew existed. Spoiling him rotten is the best. Bailey is cute as a button and I find it crazy how my heart wells up with a love when I am with them. Everything they do is just so damn cute. Peyton’s favorite song is “Star Boy” by The Weekend and he dances around and sings when it plays. Bailey’s yawn makes me sequel. The birthday weekend festivities included taking him to get balloons and picking out a massive chocolate cake. I think I may have turned him on to celebrating his Birthday all weekend long. I got to witness my favorite Aunt and Uncle meeting Bailey. It was a very special weekend and I am grateful that I have spent Peyton’s first 4 birthdays with him. I know someday life may get in the way of me being there and I tear up at the thought. I will most likely be on my honeymoon when Sweet Bailey turns one and it hurts my heart. I’ll have to find a way to spoil her in my absence.

We are lucky that many friends we love like to vacation in San Diego. At my Bestie’s wedding I formed a close relationship with a fellow bridesmaid and Hartman had a bromance with her husband. We were able to reconnect for dinner in Little Italy and it was such a fun night.

This Nasty Woman marched on January 21st and it was a powerful moment. I can’t stand Drumpf and it gave me hope to see that I was not alone. 40,000 other San Diegans feel the same.

Classy WAG life has enriched my social circle tremendously. I am beyond grateful to be forming strong friendships with incredible women. I enjoyed drinking champagne and watching Monster Jam from’s balcony. I saw a monster truck do a back flip. It was rad.

My favorite Aunt and Uncle moved to New Port Beach. Hartman and I capped off a busy month enjoying the best of Southern California beaches and bars. We had so much fun! It’s so awesome having family close by. We also managed to squeeze in a lunch in Laguna Beach with our LTFFs. Laughing with friends while sipping on rose is pure bliss.

What brought you happiness this month? Take a moment to reflect on the joy in your life.

Thank you for reading.


















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