Fitbit Wars

28 Feb


Each night before I go to bed I write one sentence in my journal. I write down the happiest part of my day. It grounds me. It helps me keep negative thoughts at bay. It’s pretty wild that I set this goal five years ago and I am on the last year of my journal. It trips me out looking back on the last four years.

The Dip

Hartman and I had some hurdles this month. He is the love of my life and we are committed to always putting our love for each other above all else. Being together for so long we know how to push each others buttons. At the end of the day we have worked through it and are moving forward. The grass is greener where you water it.

The Bursts

January was kind of a $hit show health wise. Lots of unwellness so I decided to make February all about wellness. I completed a 28 day yoga challenge as well as a 28 day Fitbit challenge which was quickly renamed the “Fitbit Wars” in my office since we are all so ridiculously competitive. Exploring San Diego on foot was a major bonus. I joined Pure Indoor Cycling in January and have been kicking off my Friday mornings spinning with KT Steel. KT is quickly becoming my partner in crime and I am very excited about this development. She makes life fun. We even spent Valentine’s Day together since our men were away at a conference. I also went sober for the month and didn’t drink a drop of booze. It was good for me to recharge my batteries and be so good to my body. I am feeling like a million bucks. Your health really is your greatest wealth.

What filled your heart with gratitude this February?




















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