gappy Birthday

31 Mar


Q1 flew by! I can’t believe March is donezo. I am hoping that Q2 will be a bit more calm. We have had so much going on. Life is busy busy busy.

The Dip

Hartman drove through a swarm of bees this month and it was one of the most horrifying experiences of my entire life. We had the windows down and the sun roof open. We thought we had survived unscathed when all of the sudden I felt a sting on my back left shoulder. It was incredibly scary because all I wanted to do was run and I was trapped in a car. Luckily Hartman and our friends sprung into action immediately (it was rather impressive). We got the stinger out so quickly that my reaction to it was the most mild I have had yet. It was still traumatizing.

The Bursts

gap intelligence turned 14 years old on March 1st and part of my job was making sure that the office had a gaptastic time celebrating. I love my new job so much. We also had spirit week mid March and all of the fun events made for a wonderful work week. I am so grateful to be a gapper.

Long time forever friends coming to San Diego brought me so much happiness. YAYO and Nat live in Portland and we just love every minute of face time we get with them. We have been friends since college. It’s so lovely to spend time with people that know you inside and out.

Hartman and I spent a weekend in Auburn celebrating his Dad’s 70th Birthday. We had the best weekend laughing with family. We even were able to sneak in a “fun city” lunch with the Clarks. Lately I always seem to be managing traveling with balloons. It’s a good problem to have.

After the busy quarter we have been grateful for the last few weekends being super zen in San Diego. We have taken time to explore and enjoy the city just us too. We really are so lucky to call San Diego home. It’s important to remind ourselves why we love this beautiful place so very much.

A long over due girls night made for the perfect end to a crazy month. Mean girls jokes and champagne are always flowing when the Anthology gals reunite. Craft and Commerce was such a fun spot to squeeze in a Monday night of fun.

Tonight I will be toasting KT Steel’s Birthday and dancing the night away.

I am so excited tomorrow is April because it’s my Birthday Month! Bring on all the fun.

Hope your March brought you happiness. Thxs for reading!





















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