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Twelve Years Later

30 Nov


One month married. Twelve years as a couple. November was spent:

  • Celebrating us.
  • At Topgolf in Las Vegas.
  • Enjoying Turkey Day with the Steels.
  • In Mexico at Telefonica.

I am one month away from finishing my journal. I can’t believe it. Blows my mind. Thank you for reading.















730 Sentences

31 Dec


Yesterday morning I backed out of my garage and ripped my passenger side mirror right off my car. If this has happened two years ago I would have been super pissed off. Yes, it was a stupid move but its 100% fixable. If that was the biggest problem I was going to have all day, I was doing pretty good. It’s not a big deal. There was a time in my life that this would have been. There was a time this would have taken me to a very unhappy place.

My happiness project is just that, a PROJECT. This didn’t start because I am naturally a happy go lucky gal. It started because I was exactly the opposite. I was great at acting like everything was amazing when deep down I was troubled. Being miserable isn’t a way to live life. Filling my heart with gratitude has been a game changer. When life gives me lemons I now make lemonade instead of bitching about the lemons.

Shortly after demolishing my side mirror a good friend texted me that she needed a favor because she had to leave town unexpectedly due to the passing of her Grandfather. As I slid into my car in route to her, my side mirror never seemed more unimportant. Doing something to bring a smile to my friend’s pretty face did. Spreading love is the most important thing we will ever do. That’s what my happiness project is built on.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


2014 has been a great year. As I looked back on the last few months I couldn’t help but smile. There have been so many wonderful moments that I want to highlight before the ball drops and we ring in 2015. I have written 730 sentences in my journal so far. Thank you for being a part of it.

Compressed Work Weeks

I have noted this before in a previous blog but it has been such a game changer I feel the need to give it a shout out once more. gap intelligence adopted a compressed work week and it has made my work week simply delightful. We work 9 hour days Monday through Thursday and a half day on Friday. Having more time to enjoy the weekends has been gaptastic.



Hartman’s Mom retired from a long and happy career as a nurse this year. We flew to Northern California to celebrate this fabulous milestone. It was a joy to meet everyone she has worked with. The party was lovely and I am so glad we made the journey to celebrate.




My Big Brother’s best friend married the love of his life at the end of September. Hartman and I flew to San Jose to witness them say, “I do”. My Brother has been friends with the same group of hilarious guys since high school. When they get together constant laughter ensues. We danced like our lives depended on it. My Mom and Step Dad attended as well despite my Step Dad’s severe jet lag. It was so much fun laughing at all the silly speeches as everyone wished the happy couple well.




Tini Gets Married

My college Bestie, Tini, married her best friend mid-October. This wedding was more like a Broadway production. Between them marrying themselves, multiple choreographed dances, a flash mob, and comical MC-ing by the world’s greatest DJ, this wedding was beyond entertaining. I was sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of what was going to happen next. We stopped in Malibu on the way home to cap off a spectacular weekend.






Five Year gapiversary

I celebrated my 5 year anniversary at gap intelligence in October. I love my job and am so grateful that my friend recommended me. I had no experience when they hired me. They took a chance on me and I am so glad they did. I am proud to be a gapper.



Marco Polo

Hartman’s college Bestie came to SD for a visit. His visit overlapped with the Giant’s World Series run. The boys got into their typical shenanigans. They went fishing and ate lots of Mexican food. I love watching them pal around together. Marco is a riot. His energy lights up the room. He will be traveling most of 2015 so I made sure to appreciate time with him this year.


Three Rings

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series. When Pablo Sandoval made the final out I burst into happy tears. I love my GIGANTES and watching them bring home ring number three was incredible. My Nephew, Peyton, was a Giants player for Halloween. My family bleeds orange and black.



Nine Years

Hartman and I celebrated 9 years of dating on November 1st. We had a quiet night out in honor of us. We checked out a new restaurant in Little Italy. Reminiscing with my guy always brings a smile to my heart.




Before the holiday madness began my friends and I decided to have our own Thanksgiving dinner. Nearly all of the dishes included bacon. Bacon makes the world a better place. There was way too much food and we had waaaaaaaay too much fun. There is nothing like a dance party with an almost two year old to make the night complete.






Hartman and I celebrated the official Thanksgiving holiday with my Dad and Step Mom’s family in Santa Maria this year. We snuck in a Santa Barbara adventure as well since we were so close. Winetasting with my family was one of the highlights of the trip. The “kids” cooked dinner. Please note that us “kids” are all in our thirties now. It doesn’t matter how old we get, we will always be the kids. It was an honor to spoil my Grandma and cook a delicious feast for her. The meal was flawless.










December Nights

The first weekend in December in San Diego is always a big deal because Balboa Park hosts a huge Christmas festival. We live a short ten minute walk from Balboa Park so we always make a point to attend every year. It gets us in the holiday spirit. Santa was even in attendance.





Rookie of the Year

Both Hartman and my work holiday parties were scheduled on the same night unfortunately. Since we were double booked we had to attended our parties solo. Hartman texted me half way through the night with the exciting news that he had won Rookie of the Year. I am so proud of him. To be recognized by his colleagues is so special.


Baby Sprinkle

My dear friend, Ro, is expecting a baby in early January. I agreed to help my bestie, Smalls, throw a light shower for her, AKA a Sprinkle. After spending a week prepping for the event I came down with the flu and was unable to attend. It made me feel good that the little touches were appreciated even if I wasn’t able to witness her smile in person.




The Flu

Being sick is awful. I got the flu and an upper respiratory infection at the same time. I had to miss work. I was so sick that I didn’t even have the energy to change the channel. I watched whatever was on TBS. While quarantined in my house trying to recover I felt so much gratitude for the gappers the covered for me while I was out and for my boyfriend that took excellent care of me.


Mags is Engaged

I hate talking on the phone. It’s just not my thang. My friends know I’d rather text or Facebook than chat on my cell. When my college Bestie called me at 10pm at night I first had to register that my ring tone is hella outdated. I got a little panicked because Mags never calls me. When I picked up the phone I could tell from the tone of her voice that she was calling to deliver happy news. Her amazing boyfriend had popped the questions and she said, “yes”. They are perfect for each other. I can’t wait for the bridal showers, bachelorette party, and of course the wedding. She is going to be a sensational bride.



Christmas with Rosco

We spent Christmas with Hartman’s family in Lake Tahoe this year. It was a white Christmas with snow so I had to leave my flip flops at home. Spending time with family is always such a delight but this trip was extra special. Santa gifted our nieces a puppy under the tree and we had the pleasure of witnessing this magic moment. Rosco is the sweetest puppy. I look forward to watching him grow up with the girls. We had such a relaxing trip full of laughter. It was hard to say goodbye to the girls and the puppy. Knowing we will be seeing them again in February for a family reunion softened the blow.












– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Cheers to the New Year and all the excitement a fresh slate brings. This year is going to bring so many amazing things and I am ready for all of it. I hope you are finding happiness in your life. Thank you for taking the time to read.

xoxo Vogel



1 Nov


Today marks 9 years with Hartman. 9 years ago we were both living in Santa Barbara. Halloween weekend is a huge deal in SBeezie. You go out multiple nights and typically have several different costumes. My brother was visiting along with many of his friends. My costume was a slutty ninja of course. My belly button was proudly on display. I bought my costume at Walgreens of all places. It was meant for a small child; not a 23 year old woman. Naturally, I rocked it out. One of my finer moments of the night was accidentally flinging my nunchucks across a dance floor at my favorite bar, Study Hall, while I was dancing. I’m sure someone got hit pretty hard with them. One of my friends that worked at Study Hall told me they found them later once the bar cleared out.

Hartman was Clark Kent. He looked adorable and my infatuation with him grew with each minute. The fact that my Brother and all of his friends gave him a thumbs up was also a huge plus. They weren’t always big fans of my choices. There were a few frogs before I found my prince.


Tonight we will sip champagne and reminisce. 9 years is certainly something to celebrate. We will say “toast” instead of “cheers” because that’s what our nephew, Peyton, says.

Throughout the year I will ask him things like, “_____ years ago today, what was happening”. It’s a fun way to remember our pasts and celebrate how far we’ve come.

These are the dates that make me smile…

– – – – – – – – –

October 14, 2005 & October 15, 2005

The first time we ever hung out.

We went bar hoping in downtown SB with our friend Ro.

Ro was a 3rd wheel to our non-stop flirting.

There is a disposable camera in my garage with pictures from this weekend.

I will develop it someday.


October 16, 2005

Our “sort of” first date.

After running random errands downtown,

we went to Brophy Borthers for dinner.

Ro was not invited.

We sat on the patio at lucky table 13.

I couldn’t stop smiling.

I ordered the lobster and Hartman had the Ahi.

The Ahi was overcooked and Hartman was not happy about that.

I paid for dinner.

I slipped the waitress my credit card while Hartman was up from the table.


October 27, 2005

Our “sort of” second date.

We went to Wildcat AKA “The $hitty Kitty”.

Donald Glaude was DJing.

We burned up the dance floor.


October 28, 2005

Our first kiss.


November 1, 2005

Officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

I changed my MySpace status to “In a relationship”.


November 20, 2005

We said, “I love you”, for the first time.


June 24, 2006

We moved in together.

I moved into his bachelor party pad downtown.


January 1, 2007

We left on a two month trip to Thailand


April  2007

We moved to beautiful San Diego.

– – – – – – – – –

 “TOAST” to us, Hartman, and our beautiful life. I love you lots!

Happy Anniversary, baby! xo


Sweet Harts

1 Nov


Today is my boyfriend, Mike, and my 8 year anniversary.

Mike’s last name is Hartman and it’s more than appropriate because no one has a bigger Hart than him.  It’s one of the many reasons why I love him so.

When I think about the storms we have weathered as a couple over the last 8 years I am grateful that we have made it.  Life isn’t always easy but we have remained in love nonetheless.  One of my favorite things in life are our at home date nights, just us two.  Mike makes me laugh from the bottom of my belly in a way that no one else can.  He has seen me at my best and he has seen me at my worst and he loves me just the same.

photo 2

As you may have figured from my previous blogs, I have always been big on capturing life’s big (and small) moments with my camera. This blog is going to take you on a journey through anniversary’s past.  Enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Happy Anniversary to my Sweet Hart…


1st Anniversary

Santa Barbara, California

Sunset Boat Cruise & Dinner at Sevilla

Balling on a budget – The boat ride was free because Mike’s friend worked on the boat

Attire – After closely looking at the kissy picture I am TOTALLY wearing a juicy tracksuit





2nd Anniversary

Del Mar, California

Expensive Giftys & Dinner at Market Restaurant

Gifts – Mike and I decided after this anniversary we would no longer do gifts; the celebration is the gift

Rotation – We also decided that our tradition for celebrating would be a rotation of one year a trip, the next year just dinner, repeat






3rd Anniversary

Del Mar, California

Stay-cation at The Grand Del Mar

Balling on a budget AGAIN – Mike’s friend at work gave us his “family discount”

Fancy pants – This was the fanciest hotel I have, and probably ever will stay at






4th Anniversary

San Diego, California

Dinner at Alexanders in North Park

gapper Erin – I had just been hired at gap intelligence ten days earlier

Proximity – This restaurant is right up the hill from our house and it has become one of our faves







5th Anniversary

Del Mar and San Diego, California

Stay-cation at L’auberge Del Mar and Dinner at Searsucker

Balling on a budget once more – Mike’s bestie, Ian, who worked at L’auberge got us the room

GIGANTES – The Giants won the World Series on this anniversary…I derailed our sunset cocktail plans to watch the game








6th Anniversary

San Diego, California

Dinner at Devanti Enoteca in Little Italy

Mustachios – Mike had the creepiest blonde mustache during this anniversary (look closely, its there)






photo 3

7th Anniversary

San Diego & Santa Barbara, California

Surf & Turf Date Night @ The Tree House & a Vacation in Santa Barbara

Forever Lazy – I totally wore a forever lazy while we ate Surf & Turf at home

Back to where it all began – Our first date ever was at Brophy Brothers in Santa Barbara










photo 1

8th Anniversary

San Diego, California


Mike is planning tonight’s festivities.

I may snap a picture or two.

Maybe.  I just might.

I don’t know how the next chapter in our life will be written.

But I know two things that will remain, love and Happiness.


Thank you for reading!  xoxo